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An Imperial Family Journalist Reads “The Bitterness of Noriko’s Feelings”

31 years ago, a dazzling and lovely 23-year-old graduate student became a princess.

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In 1990, Noriko Kawashima was 23 years old when she married her college senior, then Prince Fumihito of Reimiya. I wonder what she must have been thinking when she drove into the Imperial Palace through the dry gate on June 29.

“The Imperial Family is like a cultural asset that we all protect together. We have to protect it by embracing all the things that change with the times, as well as the things that remain the same.

That’s what Midori Watanabe, a journalist on the Imperial Family and a visiting professor at Bunka Gakuen University, said.

Midori Watanabe, a journalist for the Imperial Household and visiting professor at Bunka Gakuen University, said, “Princess Mako is finally getting married. Isn’t that wonderful? A young man who loves her has made a decision to start a family and live together. There’s been a lot of talk about the partner and all that, but I congratulate the young couple. What worries me more is Noriko.

Amidst the bashing of Masako, those who praised Noriko as “the best! In the midst of the bashing of Masako, those who praised her as “the best!

In addition to Mako’s marriage, the Akishino family has been the focus of a lot of attention. It is said that they are worried about Noriko, who is bearing the weight of all this.

Fifteen years ago, when Princess Akishino gave birth to her long-awaited first son, Prince Eugene, the whole country exclaimed, “Noriko, you are wonderful! The whole country was excited. In contrast, the bashing of Masako, who had been cutting back on her official duties at the time, was tremendous.

There was a period of several years when the two were compared and Noriko was praised, and the princesses of the Akishino family were praised as if they were idols.

“In those days, everyone was talking about Noriko-sama and Noriko-sama. . Now, Noriko is in a really tough position. People close to her have been reporting that she is drinking more and more, that she is not in a good mood, and that she sometimes raises her voice at her attendants. I really feel sorry for him that he is standing in this predicament without any allies around him.

On the Occasion of Princess Eugene’s “15th Spring

Princess Eugene, who celebrated her 15th birthday this month, is said to be in a “rebellious phase” at the moment. However, it is quite normal for a 15-year-old to be rebellious. Since Ochanomizu University, which she has attended since kindergarten, does not have a co-educational high school, she is also facing the challenge of taking the high school entrance exam. Some say that she should go to the school next door, Tsukuba University, but those involved in both schools do not hide their doubts.

“The ‘Affiliated School System’ between Ochanomizu Fuzoku and Tsukuba University Fuzoku is quite a hurdle. The students who used the system last year had excellent grades in both schools. Even if there is no exam, it doesn’t mean that anyone can use the system,” said an Ochanomizu University official.

“Last year, the students who went to Ochanomizu University from Chikuzuke were very conscious girls who wanted to do research at Ochanomizu University. There are a small number of internal recommendations at Ochanomizu University. The selection process for this year’s partnership is just beginning. Career guidance interviews have begun. November The application process will begin in November. December (Parents of the University of Tsukuba).

At Ochanomizu University, where Prince Eugene is enrolled, interviews for career guidance have also started. As for where Princess Eugene will go to school, Gakushuin, a private school that has accepted many members of the Imperial Family, and a high school affiliated with Tokyo University of Agriculture, where Noriko’s younger brother, Shu Kawashima, is a professor, have also been mentioned.

“Noriko is currently facing problems with her family. I’m not sure what to do. Although her father, a professor emeritus at Gakushuin University, is still alive and well, he is not in the best of health. He is 81 years old. He is 81 years old. Here, his younger brother, Funa-san, brought his daughter home with him. She is Noriko’s niece. She is in her teens. It seems that her parents are taking care of the teenage daughter, who is Noriko’s niece. As a daughter, even though she wants to support her elderly parents, she can’t, so marrying into the Imperial family is really something you have to be prepared for,” said Ms. Watanabe.

On the morning of June 29, 1990, the day of her wedding ceremony, Noriko left the Gakushuin Teachers’ Residence in Mejiro, Tokyo, in the car that had picked her up. Behind her on the left are her father, Tatsuhiko Kawashima, her mother, Kazuyo, and her younger brother, Funa, waving her off.

Noriko’s heartache can only be imagined. A rebellious son preparing for entrance exams, a daughter who believes only in love and is determined to get married, and a husband who coldly keeps his distance. It’s a common situation in the world, but it’s exposed every step of the way, and the Internet is flooded with irresponsible comments. It’s beyond what I can bear as a human being.

“I’m worried about Noriko. I hope she can get through this. I hope that those who once admired her will once again be able to calmly distinguish between themselves and others and watch over the Imperial Family.

I wonder if the thoughts of this veteran journalist, who has covered the Imperial Family for many years since the marriage of Empress Michiko, will be heard.

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