Papa Katsudo, Senator Kikkawa: “Scandal also feels small” compared to Senator Hosono, who lost all the battles. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Papa Katsudo, Senator Kikkawa: “Scandal also feels small” compared to Senator Hosono, who lost all the battles.

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Councilor Kikkawa was reported to have allegedly engaged in “daddy’s activities” with an 18-year-old woman. Although he left the Liberal Democratic Party, he has stubbornly refused to resign from the Diet…

Takehiro Yoshikawa, a member of the House of Representatives, was reported in the June 10 issue of Shukan Post (Weekly Post) for allegedly “engaging in daddy’s activities. On the same day, he submitted a notice of resignation from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which was accepted, but it seems unlikely that the furor will subside.

With the House of Councillors elections just around the corner, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is troubled by the scandals involving members of his own faction. There are growing calls for his resignation not only from the opposition parties but also from within the LDP, but Kikkawa himself is determined to stay in office. He seems to be ignoring calls from faction officials.

According to the report, Mr. Kikkawa gave an 18-year-old woman 40,000 yen to eat and drink at a yakiniku restaurant, and later spent time with her at a hotel. Despite such reportedly outrageous behavior, he has not held a press conference, and some local supporters are calling for his resignation from the Diet.

Mr. Kikkawa is running in Shizuoka’s 5th Constituency, but he has not won a single primary election in the four times he has run. He has managed to win back his seat in the proportional election, which is a very poor showing.

The man against whom Mr. Kikkawa has lost all four of his primary elections is Goshi Hosono, a former DPJ member of the House of Representatives who has now moved to the LDP. In the general election of 2009, he ran as an independent candidate, but won by a double score over Kikkawa, a LDP-certified representative.

Although Hosono is a “no-hoper,” he has caused a stir in the past due to his problems with women. In 2006, he was photographed having an affair with Mona Yamamoto, the anchor of “News 23” (TBS).

Hosono and Mona Yamamoto in a kiss scene that looked like a scene from a TV drama.

The scandal between Senator Hosono, who was the young hope of the Democratic Party of Japan, and Mona, who was famous as a beautiful newscaster, caused a lot of commotion in the public. Moreover, Ms. Mona left “News 23” after only one week after being selected. After that, he became active as a TV personality, mainly in variety shows.

On the other hand, Senator Hosono never divorced his wife, nor did he lose his election despite the adultery scandal. He was favored by then Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai for his “amiability” and eventually joined the Liberal Democratic Party.

After having dinner at a restaurant, Mona stopped at a back alley and was embraced and kissed by Senator Hosono. The scene, which resembled a scene from a TV drama, is one that will go down in Friday’s history.

The case of Mr. Kikkawa is really embarrassing, giving money to an 18-year-old to go to a hotel,” said Mr. Hosono, “but I think it’s a shameful thing. Well, in the past, Mr. Hosono was also reported to have had an affair, but that was with a celebrity.

In my hometown, people are disappointed that not only the election but also the scandal is on such a small scale. Well, you can’t deny the feeling that he is a small-scale person, clinging to his senatorial seat despite all the fuss.

With the departure of Councilor Yoshikawa from the party, Councilor Hosono’s presence is becoming more and more noticeable. One can almost hear his high laugh….

They stare at each other in a secluded alley, and then Councilor Hosono pulls Mona to him…
After kissing her, she has this smile on her face…
  • Photos. Kyodo (1st), Shima Sota (2nd-4th)

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