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The Inexplicable Reason: Why is a “120-person Orgy” Considered as Indecent Exposure?

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An orgy hosted by a self-proclaimed self-defense official was uncovered. There were 120 participants. Why does a gathering of “like-minded people” held at a private place with a paid membership fee constitute “indecent exposure”?When the news that a 120-person orgy was busted on June 13 was heard, one would think to himself, “Maybe it went a little overboard.”

Many people gathered at the popular event.

The party took place from June 11 to 12. The location of the party was reportedly an accommodation facility at Lake Hamana in Shizuoka Prefecture, but it appears to be a rented villa. This would make it possible to hold a party at a private villa. The fact that the party has been held at the same time for the past several years and has continued for that long suggests that an environment has been created where like-minded people can easily get together. Moreover, the popularity of the party has increased with each passing year, and this time the number of participants seems to have swelled due in part to the fact that they were invited via social networking sites. The police may have been watching us from the beginning.


It is said that the fee is 10,000 yen for a couple or 10,000 yen per person, but women should be extremely inexpensive for such a party. Considering the cost of the rental villa and the food and beverages prepared by the organizers, it is hard to believe that they are trying to make a profit. It is a meeting of a group of people who share the same interests.

The police raided the place around 3:30 a.m. on January 12. Two participants were arrested for indecent exposure, and two organizers, a self-defense official and a nurse, were arrested for aiding and abetting the case. Three of the four arrested were in their fifties, an age at which their own sexual preferences are becoming more pronounced.

In a case like this, the “standard” for “indecent exposure” is that they must be in the midst of a sexual act or be completely naked. Considering the time frame, the participants may have already engaged in sexual activity for several rounds and were already in the “mellow” time. That is why only two participants were arrested.

What is “public” indecency?

Many have always wondered about orgies like this, or about the revelation in May of a happening bar in Shibuya. It is natural that the party is held in a venue where only those who agree with the party are invited, and that the people there can see the party. It is a closed place and everyone agrees with its privacy, but somehow it becomes “public” obscenity.

The term “indecent act” under the crime of indecent exposure means “any act that gratuitously arouses or stimulates sexual desire, offends the normal sense of sexual shame of an ordinary person, or is contrary to good sexual morals.

But who is meant by “ordinary people” in the context of an orgy? In a place where only those who are against good sexual morality are gathered, it is “normal” to excite or stimulate sexual desire, and those who would have a stroke at the sight of it should not participate. The “public” element is unlikely. Legally, there are no individual victims.

Orgy “etiquette.”

The reason why they still expose them is probably because this kind of thing is “disruptive to social morals”. Knowing this, the 120-person party is just too much. It depends on the capacity of the place, but if you rent out a hotel suite or something like that, an orgy is probably about 20 people no matter how big the place is. Everyone is used to this, and is aware of their surroundings, so they do not act in large groups. They avoid getting into the elevator all at once. They gather in groups of about two people at a time.

People with such tastes are aware that their hobbies are not generally accepted. That is why they gather in secret with like-minded people and enjoy themselves in secret. If they do it on a large scale, they will inevitably stand out and be easily caught.

However, the organizer, a self-proclaimed self-defense official, must have been happy to see so many people gather. I am sure that he wanted everyone to be happy, so he paid attention to everything on the day of the event and did his best to make a difference. It would be better to keep it a little smaller next time.


Even if your tastes are generally unacceptable, as long as you don’t cause trouble for others, you should feel free to at least throw a party. As with all things in the sexual neighborhood, if we continue to repress in this way, everything will go underground. We must not allow people who are already aware that they are half underground to be buried further underground. No matter what we do to expose them, those hobbyists will never go away.

  • Interview and text by Sanae Kameyama Sanae Kameyama

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