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Kazuya Ninomiya, “My Family” – Successful Promotion through Mass Production of Articles

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My Family” starring Kazuya Ninomiya was the biggest hit drama of the April season. The use of the media was a notch or two better, but…

The final episode of the TBS drama “My Family” starring Kazuya Ninomiya of “Arashi” was broadcast on June 12, recording a household rating of 16.4% and an individual rating of 10.3%.

While spring dramas have been struggling across the board, these were outstanding numbers. Only “10 Count to the Future” (TV Asahi) and “My Family” starring Takuya Kimura, a senior Japanese actor, have averaged more than 10% for all episodes.

With the end of Corona, the demand for “nest eggs” has disappeared, and the numbers (viewer ratings) have really decreased. In such a situation, “My Family” getting over 16% is very valuable. If the times were the times, it would be over 20%.

The drama is based on an original script by Tsutomu Kuroiwa. Atsuto Narusawa, played by Ninomiya, confronts a kidnapping case, and in the final episode, the true culprit of the kidnapping is finally revealed. After solving the case, the drama depicted Atsuto (Ninomiya), Michiru (Mikako Tabe), Miwa (Kento Garai), and Todo (Gaku Hamada) facing their families.

Looking at the ratings in detail, household viewership was 12.6%→12.8%→11.9%→11.0%→12.0%→11.7%→13.2%→13.0%→14.2%. Individual ratings ranged from 7.6% to 7.9% to 7.1% to 6.7% to 7.4% to 7.3% to 8.2% to 8.1% to 8.4%.

Although there was a drop-off in the middle of the series, it can be seen that the ratings were steadily rising toward the end of the series. This is just the ratings. If missed episodes of “Tver” and other programs are included, the total viewer rating for the spring drama series “My Family” would be 8.4%.

There is no doubt that “My Family” is the sole winner in spring dramas,” according to a source at the same TV station.

The trend-setting process, which used to be all about word-of-mouth, has evolved further thanks to the Internet. Videos of “My Family” examining the culpability of the drama have been thriving on YouTube, and discussions have become more active on Twitter and other social networking sites with hashtags.

Then, the media, especially sports newspapers, published a series of spoiler articles, and the system became more visible than ever before. This technique quickly took root with “Hanzawa Naoki” (TBS) broadcast in July 2008, when the media determined that the drama was sure to have high ratings even before the broadcast, and began to use spoilers to cover the drama’s plot and other details. The media mass-produced articles that fully described the drama’s synopsis and other aspects of the broadcast that caught the public’s attention.

The TV stations that broadcast the drama also found it an effective way to advertise the drama. The TV stations that broadcast the drama also provide photos of the drama for free in response to requests from the media, as it is good publicity.

Some of the old-timers in the mass media have expressed their dismay, saying, “That’s not news,” but it seems that one can’t help but feel that one’s back is against the wall.

In the case of “My Family,” spoiler articles proliferated as the story became popular from the beginning of the broadcast. In a sense, this is an endorsement by the media that “this is the drama of the season! This is equivalent to the media endorsing “This is the drama of the season!

A source at the TV station mentioned above said

“We have succeeded in creating a big swell toward the final episode. There were people who had been indifferent to the drama until now who watched only the last episode in order to catch the trend. A hit movie and a spoiler story go together.

He added, “It’s a combination of a hit movie and a spoiler story. Unfortunately, “My Family” will not be made into a movie at this point, but TV stations are increasingly seeking high-quality original dramas to compete with foreign companies such as Netflix.

Until then, you could just air a drama on TV and that was the end of it, but now you can make money through distribution, film adaptations, and spin-offs,” he said. The winner will be the one that develops a hybrid strategy involving the media and social networking services.

Which drama series will be the next to be rife with spoiler articles?

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