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Kusanagi Takes a Jolt at the Galaxy Award Presentation Ceremony

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Kusanagi at the award ceremony of the 59th Galaxy Awards. He performed his best “Kainari! at the “59th Galaxy Awards” presentation ceremony.

Actor Tsuyoshi Kusanagi attended the presentation ceremony of the 59th Galaxy Awards held in Tokyo on June 1.

Kusanagi received the Individual Award in the TV category for his performance in last year’s NHK historical drama “Seiten wo Sukuke. On the day of the event, he took the stage in an elegant jacket.

At the beginning of his speech, Kusanagi said, “I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy! a line from Yoshinobu Tokugawa’s role in the drama, and expressed his joy at receiving the award with all his might: “Thank you, I am so happy! He expressed his joy at receiving the award with all his might.

I think I’m going to win …… when I receive such a wonderful award halfway through the year 2022,” he said, eliciting laughter from the audience. I’m so grateful,” he said, drawing laughter from the audience. Of course, it’s not just me alone,” he said, sincerely thanking his co-stars and staff.

When asked about the time when he received the offer, he replied, “It was my first serial TV drama in a long time, so I thought, ‘I can appear on terrestrial TV! I thought, ‘I’m going to be in a terrestrial TV drama! But I wasn’t that familiar with history, so I didn’t know much about Yoshinobu Keiki at first,” he said.

I thought I would be able to express in my performance the sadness of the last shogun, or a deep emotion that I have never acted before. I am very happy to receive such a wonderful award. I will carry this award and my feelings of gratitude with me as I move on to the next step.

In between speeches, he also said, “I’ll say it again and again! I am happy! Kusanagi said in between speeches, “I will say it again and again! Perhaps because Kusanagi was so powerful, the acrylic panel on the moderator’s seat came off during his speech. ……!

In addition, Shinichi Tsutsumi, who played Enshiro Hiraoka, a close aide to Keiki in the drama, made a surprise appearance at the event. Kusanagi was surprised to receive a bouquet of flowers from Tsutsumi, and they exchanged a passionate hug.

Tsutsumi praised Kusanagi’s performance and asked ” Who is Mr. Keiki? Tsutsumi laughed, referring to Kusanagi’s comment in his speech earlier, “I thought he might have calmed down after his marriage, but then I realized that he hasn’t changed at all.

Kusanagi said, “Oh my gosh!” and meditating tightly, he declared cheerfully, “I’m going to study! I’m going to study!

Kusanagi was also very excited during the photo shoot that followed. Without a microphone, he repeatedly said, “I love TV! and he was all smiles.

Five years have passed since the launch of “New Map. The award may be an impetus to see Kusanagi in commercial TV dramas again soon.

Shinichi Tsutsumi (right) took the stage as a surprise guest. Kusanagi was surprised to hear, “Mr. Tsutsumi was here? Tsutsumi shouted in surprise.
At the Galaxy Award presentation ceremony, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was taken aback by a comment from his “close aide”.
Kusanagi Takes a Jolt at the Galaxy Award Presentation Ceremony
The “inner circle” at the Galaxy Award presentation ceremony.
  • Photographed by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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