Even though he is used as a suppressor…Hanshin Fujinami: “Unexpected transfer destination rumored for not winning this year”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even though he is used as a suppressor…Hanshin Fujinami: “Unexpected transfer destination rumored for not winning this year”.

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Fujinami has often looked dull with unconvincing pitches. What fans want to see is his full recovery as a mainstay of the starting lineup (Image: Jiji Press)

Shintaro Fujinami (28) of the Hanshin baseball team takes the mound in the ninth inning.

On June 10 against the Orix, with a five-run lead, 6-1. Fujinami pitched a straight ball of nearly 160 km/h and a split in the 140 km/h range to keep the game scoreless in one inning.

Fujinami’s got a guardian angel, doesn’t he?

Fujinami can handle the ninth inning.

The Internet was filled with comments praising Fujinami’s brilliant relief performance. However, considering his three consecutive years of double-digit wins as the mainstay of the starting lineup since his first year as a professional pitcher in 2001, it is true that some felt Fujinami’s performance was not good enough.

However, his performance in his first year as a professional pitcher (2001) and since then he has been a mainstay of the starting lineup for three consecutive years with double-digit wins, so it is true that he has been lacking. He was expected to make a comeback as the starting pitcher this season (against Yakult on March 25). He replaced Akihiro Aoyagi, who had been out of the lineup due to a new type of corona infection. However, he himself contracted corona in April and was demoted to the second base, and since his return to the first base in May, he has been used as a reliever or a reliever. He has yet to win a game this season, and his earned-run average is still in the 4-point range. The results are not satisfactory,” said a baseball team official.

The “King of Naruohama

In a game against Chunichi in August 2007, he was demoted to the second team after giving up eight earned runs by the middle of the fifth inning. Last season, he was selected to start the season opener against Yakult, but he threw 103 pitches and gave up 5 walks in 5 innings.

He is in a lot of pain. At one point, he changed to a sidethrower and went through a trial-and-error process. Since the cause of his control problems is not clear, he must be struggling. I think he gets confused when he hears all kinds of advice from alumni. He was once criticized by the mass media as ‘the king of Naruohama (the second team’s home base)’ because of his back and forth between the first team and the second team.)

Fujinami, a star who took the Koshien Stadium by storm when he was a student at Osaka Toin High School, was drafted first overall in 2001 and is a potential ace candidate for the Hanshin team. The leadership of the team probably hopes that Fujinami will somehow make a comeback. However, this is Fujinami’s 10th year as a professional baseball player. If he does not win again this season, the team will not be able to continue to use him indefinitely. A surprising manager has come forward to acquire Fujinami.

There is one player I want,” he said. Fujinami of the Hanshin team. If he comes to me, he will turn into a great player.

In an appearance on the YouTube channel of baseball team alumnus Tsutomu Iwamoto last December, Nippon Ham manager Tsuyoshi Shinjo, a.k.a. Big Boss, said, “Manager Shinjo is serious.

Manager Shinjo is serious. If Fujinami moves to Nippon Ham, he can play freely without worrying about his surroundings, unlike Hanshin. Shinjo understands Fujinami’s character and will let him play freely. Fujinami’s control problems are, if you look at it positively, a rough pitch that makes it difficult for hitters to target him. If he can throw with all his might without worrying about the details, it will be a great weapon. He is a pitcher suited to the Pacific League, where there are many power games.

Will Fujinami stay with Hanshin and continue to pitch as a reliever? Will Fujinami stay at Hanshin and continue to be a reliever or will he try to regain his former glory in his new position? Fujinami seems to be at a crossroads as a professional pitcher.

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