The Gershwin Cannon! The Agony of TV Stations and the Struggles of “Information Liberation” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Gershwin Cannon! The Agony of TV Stations and the Struggles of “Information Liberation”

The staff saw it! Weekly TV's Inside Story

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Location view of “Love is Deep,” in which Ayano starred with Satomi Ishihara (35). Old Rookie” is the first drama in which Ayano has starred since “Avalanche” aired last fall.

The entertainment media was temporarily in an uproar over the release of information on the July drama “Old Rookie” (TBS).

On May 26, it was reported in some online media that Nana Eikura (34) would be playing the wife of the main character, Tsuyoshi Ayano (40), but this was quickly deleted. However, the report was quickly deleted because Ayano’s past troubles with women had been revealed one after another by Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya (50), a.k.a. “Garcy,” an exposé-style YouTube personality.

This led to speculation that “Eikura might have asked Ayano to leave the cast. However, when we opened the lid of ……, we found that the online media had uploaded an article ahead of the release date of the information, only to be warned and delete it. Eikura’s appearance was safely announced three days later on the 29th.

According to a producer at a key station, “Each station is becoming stricter about releasing information.

In the past, the only way for information to leak out was for the performers themselves to accidentally slip up in live broadcasts or at events. However, with the spread of social networking services, mistakes are now frequently made by celebrities who post information immediately after recording or filming. Information management has become more thorough. The same applies to media. When there was only print media, there was no flying because the release date was fixed, but now with the spread of digital and online media, articles can be published at any time.”

There are other reasons for TV stations to be nervous about the release of information.

“Recently, there has been an increase in the number of remakes of foreign productions and productions in collaboration with video distribution companies such as Netflix. “Recently, the number of remakes of foreign films and films produced jointly with video distribution companies such as Netflix is increasing. Overseas companies have detailed contract terms and conditions, and the penalty for violating their rules is high. Within “Pop Up! (Fuji TV), a spin-off of “Goldfish Wife,” which was co-produced by Netflix and Fuji TV, will be broadcast. When a women’s weekly magazine reported that a spin-off of “The Goldfish Wife,” co-produced by Netflix and Fuji Television, would be broadcast on “Pop UP!

Even if information management is thoroughly implemented within the station and with the entertainment agencies, “information leaks are inevitable,” says an advertising agency official with a wry smile.

It is impossible to shoot all episodes of a drama in a studio. There is a limit to the number of facilities, such as hospitals, that can be rented out for filming. However, if we shoot on location, we will inevitably be exposed to the public eye. Since the drama “Roppongi Class” (TV Asahi), which is currently filming, is being shot on location in the Roppongi area, we gave up trying to hide it and lifted the information ban at the timing of the outdoor location shooting.”

On the other hand, for productions with low penalty fees, information leaks are sometimes welcomed.

On the other hand, for films with low penalties, information leaks are sometimes welcomed, he said. The TV stations really want as many media outlets to pick up the story as possible. However, successful actors who play the lead roles have very limited schedules and cannot afford to be interviewed for promotional purposes. The fact that recent dramas like “Old Rookie” announce their casts little by little is a desperate measure to create a buzz. Some staff members are secretly happy to have a weekly magazine take pictures of the location and write about it. It’s a way to do PR without having actors on location and without spending money on publicity.

There is also drama in the dealings with the media over the release of information.

From the June 17, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photographed by Yusuke Kondo

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