Film industry official arrested three times for acting out fake scripts… “indecent assault on women in the film”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Film industry official arrested three times for acting out fake scripts… “indecent assault on women in the film”.

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This is the third time Yoshioka has been arrested. Suspected of extra crimes.

A man and a woman, classmates from elementary and junior high school, meet again after a long absence. The two stare at each other in a classroom at their old school.

I’ve always loved you. ……

They kiss fiercely, and the man reaches for the woman’s breast – and the woman’s hand reaches for his.

This is a scene from a script titled “Classroom. However, “Classroom” was not the actual script of the film, but was created for obscene purposes by a self-proclaimed film producer who played the male character.

On June 9, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1 re-arrested Yoshioka Yasunari, 53, an unemployed man living in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward, on suspicion of indecent assault. Yoshioka recruited actors for an independent film on the Internet. He is alleged to have repeatedly performed indecent acts on women who applied at a rental room in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, under the guise of “auditioning” them. Yoshioka was arrested in February for indecent assault of a woman in her 20s and charged in March, and was arrested again in May for the same offense against another woman.

The audition was held over three days in January of this year. The application guidelines stated, “The audition was held over three days in January of this year. The film will be directed by a director who has won awards at international film festivals. Crank-in date: April 2010. When the applicant visited the rental room, there was no staff in the room and Yoshioka gave her one-on-one instruction. It seems that he repeatedly kissed and touched the women, claiming that he would play the male role in the fake script.

About 30 women participated in the audition. When one of the victims asked for the name of the “director with an award-winning record” written in the application guidelines, Yoshioka replied, “I can’t tell you unless you pass the audition. She became suspicious and consulted the police. When questioned, Yoshioka said, ‘I will remain silent.

Former Idol Speaks Out on Countermeasures

Yoshioka being sent to prosecution

There seems to be no doubt that Yoshioka is involved in the movie industry. He actually planned an independent film about martial arts called “WILD,” and had also set up a scriptwriter and cameraman. However, there is no way that Yoshioka’s despicable behavior will be tolerated, not to mention the sexual harassment of directors and producers that has been reported in recent years.

Former Idoling! leader and voice trainer Mai Endo, who had been invited by another producer who had been arrested for indecent exposure, recounted the situation at the time.

I received a job offer by DMout of the blue, but there was no self-introduction of who I was or where I was from. I thought it was suspicious. The writing was poor, and I didn’t think he was a member of society. We corresponded for a while, but I thought, ‘I don’t trust this kind of person,’ and politely declined the job.

As in this case, there is no such thing as physical contact between a man and a woman who have never met before at an audition. At the most, they would probably exchange lines. As a factor in judgment, you should check in advance whether there is a proper proposal and, if the company is recruiting, whether it really exists by checking its telephone number and location. Never go to an audition site alone. You should visit with an acquaintance, and if you feel something is wrong, you should leave immediately.

The police are investigating to see if Yoshioka has any other crimes.

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