Ruriko Kojima Prepares for All-Out Confrontation with the Media over “No Truth” Article on Sharp Decline in Work | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ruriko Kojima Prepares for All-Out Confrontation with the Media over “No Truth” Article on Sharp Decline in Work

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Ruriko Kojima has harsh words for the internet news. The future of the project is up in the air…

There is no truth in the Internet news.

TV personality Ruriko Kojima updated her Twitter page and complained about some Internet news articles.

This month, some online news reported an article in which a person concerned said that the sharp decrease in regular TV shows and other work was due to the success of Sakiraku Inoue, a junior member of the same agency, and the agency’s expansion into China. Kojima responded to this by saying

There has been a lot of speculation about my future and my decision to drop my regular TV show, but as soon as I am in a position to talk about it, I will explain it to everyone with my own mouth! There is no truth in the Internet news.

I am sure that the people involved are not very close to me. I am sure that the people who are involved in this matter are not close to me.

He tweeted, “I am very happy to be able to be directly involved with you all at a time like this.

Indeed, Kojima had previously publicly announced that he was moving to China and had even gone looking for a property in Shanghai. On the video-sharing website “bilibili,” she once surprised the public by showing a fluent conversation in Chinese with Koji Yano, a popular actor in China.

The fact that he wrote, “As soon as I am ready to talk to you, I will explain myself,” suggests that some sort of plan is in the works. However, it is also a fact that Hollypro is putting a lot of effort into Inoue.

In addition, Kojima did not report his relationship with Yasuhisa Hara, the author of the manga “Kingdom,” to Akiko Wada, the “heavyweight” in the office, which caused Ms. Wada to bend over backwards. You may think you can survive in the entertainment industry without performing with Mr. Wada, but the office cannot overtly “push” Ms. Kojima, and it is not a simple matter.

(A reporter from a sports paper). Looking at the comment sections of social networking sites and articles, there are few voices of sympathy for Kojima, but many comments that can be seen as “no good.

“As a result of her failure in love, I think the numbers of her fans and her opponents have reversed.
I get the feeling that he is a proud, hard-working guy.

However, it is possible that Kojima did not foresee this trend.

He said, “By tweeting this, I can easily assume that it will cause a ripple effect on the Internet. I don’t know if he couldn’t hold back, but if you say something like this in such a prickly way, the comments will be wild.

That is why he wrote, “The existence of Twitter, etc., where I can directly relate to everyone, is a great help and a big help. However, the way he wrote, “There is no truth in online news,” and lumped everything together, it is fair to say that he has made enemies of a considerable number of media outlets. It is not an exaggeration to say that he was “parting ways with the mass media.

The mild-mannered Kojima showed a different face, perhaps because he was so angry with the media. The comment section of Twitter was filled with not only anti-Kojima comments, but also warm comments from fans.

What exactly did Kojima have to “report” to his fans?

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