A series of scandals! Fuji TV employee “in possession of 80 grams of marijuana” is a surprise! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A series of scandals! Fuji TV employee “in possession of 80 grams of marijuana” is a surprise!

Obviously not just for personal use...!

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Masahiko Kobayashi, 38, was arrested on suspicion of violating the Marijuana Control Law.

The amount of marijuana used per dose is about 0.5 to 0.7 grams. The person arrested this time was in possession of approximately 160 doses of marijuana. It is hard to believe that this is the amount of marijuana used by an individual.

Another scandal involving a Fuji Television employee came to light on June 8, when Masahiko Kobayashi, 38, an employee in the station’s programming and production department, was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for possession of approximately 80 grams of dried marijuana.

The station had just reported that a staff member was forced to attempt suicide due to power harassment by the chief producer of “Pop Up! In addition to the daily scandals, as noted at the beginning of this article, a large amount of marijuana (80 grams) was found during questioning, and the story spread quickly on social networking sites.

The suspect and a friend who was a passenger in the car were also arrested, but even so, it is quite possible that they were in possession of the marijuana for the purpose of buying and selling, rather than for use by a few people.

In recent years, there have been many cases of people soliciting purchasers on social networking sites using cloaked terms such as “vegetables (marijuana)” and “hand-pushing (direct sales),” and in a sense, a situation in which anyone can trade drugs is prevalent. If Fuji TV employees were not only using drugs but were also involved in the trade, the harassment would be even greater.

Kobayashi resigned from Fuji Television in May for his own reasons, but did people around him have an inkling about the suspect’s marijuana possession?

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