Noriyuki Makihara sold his mansion in the center of the city, which was the “stage of the incident”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Noriyuki Makihara sold his mansion in the center of the city, which was the “stage of the incident”!

He resumed his entertainment activities quietly, but his future is uncertain.

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Last December, this magazine captured Noriyuki Makihara in Tokyo. He was enjoying shopping at a supermarket with a man who seemed to be his partner.

On September 6, he quietly announced on his official website that he would resume his activities.

It was the singer Noriyuki Makihara (52) who quietly announced the resumption of his activities on his official website on September 6. As you know, Makihara was arrested for violation of the Methamphetamine Control Act in February 2008. In August of the same year, he was sentenced to two years in prison and three years of probation.

In the lizard of resuming his entertainment activities after a year and a half, Makihara had sold his big mansion in the city center where the incident took place.

A real estate agent in Tokyo says.

“I heard that Mr. Makihara sold his mansion in Shibuya, which he built in 2006, in March this year. According to the real estate registry, the purchaser is a real estate company in Minato Ward, Tokyo. The site area is about 500 square meters. It is a large mansion with two stories above ground and one below, and the total floor area of the building is about 440 square meters.

Looking at the documents from the completion of the building, we can see that it has a large living room with a wood-burning stove, an office and a dog room, and even a large tree and a torii gate in the courtyard. Makihara was convicted after dangerous drugs were found in his house.

Makihara had been living in this particular mansion. The owner of a restaurant in the neighborhood said.

“It was about half a year ago that I saw Makihara for the last time. He used to come to our house often and was always accompanied by a man who seemed to be his partner. After the incident, he came to our house several times, and when I asked him, “We were all worried about you. He acted cheerfully and said, “I’m fine. He was a very friendly person, and I am sorry to hear that he moved out.

Why did Makihara sell this mansion? The real estate agent mentioned above tells us.

“I think it is simply a financial problem. When the house was sold in March this year, Makihara lived in the mansion with a special agreement to repurchase it. However, he was not doing any entertainment activities, and it seems that he became financially difficult and moved out completely around this summer.

If you ask a local real estate agent, he says, “This is an area where it is not easy to be put on the market, and even if you estimate at least, it is not less than one billion yen for land and building. It would be very hard for Makihara to afford it now.

Makihara is going to release a new album and a book in this autumn. However, although he announced the resumption of his activities, it is hard to say that it became a topic of conversation flatteringly. Will the day come when Makihara can return to the mansion of his memories?

The mansion in Shibuya Ward that Makihara sold. Although we cannot see it from the outside, there is a splendid courtyard with thick trees and a rooftop terrace.
We went to a bakery and two supermarkets. While shopping, she chatted with her male companion. She seemed to be relaxed all the time.
Noriyuki Makihara’s first private appearance after his conviction was caught.
This magazine’s unpublished cut Noriyuki Makihara caught his first private appearance after his conviction.
Catching up with Noriyuki Makihara in his private life for the first time since his conviction

From “FRIDAY” October 1, 2021 issue

  • Photo by Keisuke Nishi

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