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rice water Groove “I want to make music with a sense of chaos

Next Generation Star - Part 8

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The hip-hop crew has established its own label and handles everything from recording to filming music videos by itself.
hip-hop crew that does everything themselves, from recording to shooting music videos.

“I believe that hip-hop is something that you can absorb other music, interpret it however you want, and spit it out.” Reinterpret and reimagine”. That is the theme of our music.”

Such is the creed of the up-and-coming hip-hop crew “rice water Groove” (formed in 2004).

The members are TBS’93 (28, hereafter TBS), Rex Recordings (28, hereafter Rex), chancylemon (24, hereafter chancylemon), and TBS’93 (28, hereafter TBS). (24) and chancylemon (24; lemon). In ’18, he met beatmaker and rapper IKE (29, hereafter, IKE), with whom he has been working on music to this day.” In 19, he released the album “YUPPIE” with IKE In ’19, he released the album “YUPPIE” with IKE, which quickly attracted a lot of attention. Nowadays, they are on stage at live houses every week.

Rice Water Groove” (Japanese only)

From left to right: TBS’93 (leader), Rex Recordings, chancylemon, and IKE (rightmost), a rapper who also works as “IKE & rice water Groove Production. In January 2010, they released their first album “Discoveries”, which attracted a lot of attention.

TBS: “ We like gangsta rap and other hip-hop that was popular in the ’90s and ’00s. We create one-of-a-kind music by adding our own fresh essence to songs that were popular in the past.

lemon “ We value the ‘anything goes’ feeling that is the strength of hip-hop. If I were to use an analogy, it would be like the back alleys of Taiwan. There are dolls that resemble Japanese Doraemon and Mickey Mouse, and other cultures from the East are all mixed together and coexist there. I want to express this sense of chaos in my music.

In January 2010, he released his latest album, “Discoveries. The album is based on the theme of “a round-the-world trip on a luxury cruise ship” and is attracting attention for its melodious lyrics and songs overflowing with the emotions of travel. They do not live their lives solely by rapping, either.

Rex says, “ Actually, we each have different jobs during the day. Someday, we hope to be able to live off of hip-hop alone.

TBS: “ We are busy with sales during the week, so the three of us live in a shared house to make time. It takes us more than a month to make one song, so we moved in together to speed up the production process.”

Although the three are passionate about hip-hop, rap music is not the only music they listen to on a regular basis. What is most important to them is “whether or not it resonates with the listener.

lemon: “ If you listen to the same genre of music all the time, you will only be able to create similar songs. I listen to various genres of music and input them. I even listen to Southern All Stars and Hoshino Gen.

They use their own crew for everything from recording to shooting music videos.

TBS: “ We run our own label, Doggy G Central Records, and everything is done entirely within that label. We work with the visual artists we trust on the label so that we can incorporate the world view and message of the songs into the music videos as well. Our policy is to have talented creators in our group.

What are their goals as working adults by day and rappers by night?

TBS: “ We want to release a song on the same day from a major label and an independent label.

lemon “ On the major label, we will do what we think will be popular with everyone, and on the independent label, we will do what we really want to do!

Rex “ Both are our music, but I think we can show completely different qualities and expressions.

Their voyage has just begun.

Unpublished feature: Next Generation Star Vol. 8 rice water Groove Hip-Hop Crew
Unpublished cuts from Next Generation Star Vol. 8 rice water Groove Hip Hop Crew
Unpublished cuts from Next Generation Star Vol. 8: Rice Water Groove Hip-Hop Crew

From “FRIDAY” June 10, 2022 issue

  • Interview and text Hirotsuru Machida Photography Shinji Hamasaki

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