Why “Akiyoshi Shimobori” is a “winner” even though he lost a horse race due to a “curse”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why “Akiyoshi Shimobori” is a “winner” even though he lost a horse race due to a “curse”?

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The comedy duo “Myojo Shimobori” has been making headlines for their coarse goods…

The comedy duo “Akusei Shimobori” has been creating a lot of controversy.

As comedians, the duo won the “M-1 Grand Prix” in 2006. As a stand-alone comedian, they won the “M-1 Grand Prix” in 2006 and also won the “R-1 Grand Prix” in 2007, so there is no doubt about their sense of humor.

Gambling is what has further spread his fame.

He has shown off a number of high ticket prices on his YouTube channel, but has always failed to win. The “Curse of Coarse” was feared on the Internet, as the horse that Coarse had chosen to bet on would be knocked out of the betting.

The highlight was the Japan Derby (GI, Tokyo Racecourse), a festival of horse racing in Japan, held on May 29. Grossman bet 999,900 yen on the favorite, Danone Beluga, to win the race. The result was a close fourth place, showing the horror of the “curse.

The “shoddy ticket” has often made the Internet news, and the number of subscribers and views on the YouTube channel where he publishes his predictions has been steadily increasing. Is this a coincidence or a calculation?

Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which Mr. Saishin belongs, formed a business alliance early on with UUUM, the largest YouTube agency in Japan, and has been focusing on the YouTube activities of its comedians.

Mr. Saishin also saw the potential of YouTube early on and has been steadily posting videos. Although the amount of money invested in tickets and how often they are missed have been the topic of conversation, I think he actually posts his videos based on precise calculations,” said a person involved in comedy.

A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper also commented on the rough stuff.

He looks like a maverick, but in fact he is the type of person who prepares very carefully. When I interviewed him for a story in the past, he thought long and hard about a question and replied, ‘I can’t answer that question because it would be impossible.

Perhaps he is a nervous person. His partner, Seiya, was more relaxed about it.

Seiya’s partner was more lenient in this area,” he testified.

He may look like a maverick, but he is actually a strategist. That’s what he is.

In the past month, he has posted one video every day. Some of his gambling videos have received more than 1 million views, while his so-called “joke” videos, such as impersonations, have received around 500,000 views.

In many cases, there is no special set-up, but rather the actor simply talks in front of the screen. It couldn’t be more inexpensive.

On May 31, he reported that the number of channel subscribers had exceeded 1 million. According to an official of a mid-sized YouTube firm.

According to an official at a mid-size YouTube agency, “If you look at a line graph of Mr. Kohin’s channel, the number of posts, channel subscribers, and video views all show a gradual steady rise. This is proof that he is slowly spreading his popularity among the public, and is drawing an ideal curve. According to a specialized website, the number of subscribers will reach 2 million in April, one year from now.

Yoshimoto, too, is a young man.

Yoshimoto, too, is said to be paying special attention to Rough Products among young comedians. As he calls himself in the video “My 100 Million Yen Lifetime Balance Minus 100 Million Yen,” he is suffering from a chronic lack of money and has revealed that he has borrowed money from Yoshimoto.

A Yoshimoto official said, “The culture of lending money to comedians has always been there, but we are confident that we can recover more than enough money from the loan to Koshihin. Even the “higher-ups” at the office are convinced that he is a genius.

In fact, at the rate he is earning on YouTube, he should be able to generate tens of millions of yen a year. The fact that he has taken the time to create the image of a wild gambler has borne fruit.

He said.

The week after the Japan Derby, he broke his “curse” by winning the G1 race, Yasuda Kinen, with Songline, which he had pushed as his favorite, finishing first. However, in the video of the following day, he said that he was short of money.

“I only won a ticket worth 100 yen,” he confessed.

He confessed, “I only won 100 yen worth of tickets. The punchline was also exquisite, and the comedy insider mentioned above commented

For Gohin, the “curse” is his friend. It is a matter of life and death for him to win and make a huge profit. He understands this. The only comment among fellow comedians is, ‘Maybe he bought a 100-yen ticket as insurance. (laugh).


Speaking of horse racing comedians, the comedy trio “Instant Johnson” Jai Jai made headlines when they were charged tens of millions of yen by the National Tax Bureau because their off-track tickets were not recognized as expenses. This has led some horse racing comedians to stop publicizing their ticket purchases on TV and in videos, but Jai has continued to expose his tickets.

It is no wonder that many people are attracted to him.

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