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The “Co-starring NG” Transition That Makes TV Men Cry

The staff saw it! Weekly TV's inside story

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Whether it is the truth or a story, Fujimon was revealed on Chihara Jr.’s YouTube channel that he and Buffalo Goro A. have a co-starring NG

On May 22, Chihara Jr. (48) mentioned on his YouTube channel that his fellow comedians are not allowed to perform together.

According to Junior, two 8th year students of Yoshimoto’s comedy training school, NSC Osaka, Toshifumi Fujimoto (51) and Buffalo Goro A Seiji Chihara (52) and Takeshi Nadagi (51) are also in a state of co-starring NG due to ‘minor differences in the direction of teasing'” (Internet news editor).

The NG issue, which has become a theme of TV dramas, is not limited to comedians who are in the same group as each other, but also includes celebrities who seem to be on good terms with each other.

“Many of them are married couples of celebrities. In many cases, it is not that they do not get along well with each other, but rather that there are differences in the marketing policies of their agencies. The specific reason is unknown, but it is said that since their child is still young, working with both of them at the same time may affect their child rearing. “The specific reason is unknown, but it is said to be because their children are still young, and working with both of them at the same time would affect their child rearing.

The two who have a bad relationship and cannot co-star are “Bakusho Mondai’s” Hikaru Ota (57) and “Honjamaka’s” Toshiaki Megumi (57).

It is said that Ota does not like the fact that Megumi says he is boring, and Megumi has decided not to perform with him. However, Megumi’s main activities are hosting “Hiruobi” (TBS) and acting, so there are few opportunities for them to work together. It does not have a big impact on the industry.

In some cases, the original performers have been rejected because they have been used as material for impersonators.

There are cases such as Kenichi Mikawa (76), who used to get more work from the head family after being used as an impersonator. Famous examples are Yuji Oda (54) and Takahiro Yamamoto (47). Rumors circulated that Oda wanted to withdraw from hosting “World Championships in Athletics” (TBS) because of Yamamoto’s impersonation of Oda, and TBS executives became very angry. Yamamoto’s impersonation of Oda caused the TBS executives to become irritated. I heard that when “Nyanko Star” got a break by using Otsuka Ai’s representative song “Sakuranbo” (Cherry Blossom), some stations tried to arrange a meeting, but it was rejected,” said a director of a production company.

On the other hand, the aforementioned advertising agency director points out that “the number of NGs who are willing to perform together has decreased compared to the past.

In the past, it was an unspoken rule that when a person became independent from a major entertainment company, he or she would be prohibited from performing with his or her former colleagues. However, the Fair Trade Commission warned the Johnny’s office that it would be a violation of the Antimonopoly Law if they pressured TV stations not to use independent New Map members, so there are no longer any offices that do so in a rote manner.

In some cases, the ban was lifted after it was reported that they were not co-hosts.

“A retired big-name hostess who was angry at being dumped by a certain actress had her co-starring relationship with a NG, but after it was reported in a weekly magazine, the ban was lifted, which made me laugh. It is also possible that, although it is said that they are co-starring NGs like an urban legend in the industry, in reality they are simply too big a name to have had the opportunity to co-star with each other. Matsumoto Hitoshi (58) and Ota Hikaru are a case in point.

The entertainment industry is becoming cleaner with the spread of reforms in the way of working. Will the day soon come when unreasonable co-starring NGs will disappear?

From the June 10, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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