Asuka Kudo is going on a “dreamland” date with a beautiful woman 9 years younger than him! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Asuka Kudo is going on a “dreamland” date with a beautiful woman 9 years younger than him!

The handsome actor who became popular on "ZIP!" is in the midst of a "weekly love affair" with a beautiful woman 9 years younger than him. --The actor is currently in love with a beautiful woman 9 years younger than him.

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After riding the attractions, they headed to the restaurant. Kudo is a big Disney fan and talked to Ako throughout the date.

Tokyo Disneyland (Urayasu City) was so sunny that it was hard to believe that it was June. Even though it was a weekday, the park was crowded with many people, and one couple was seen. A beautiful woman in a white one-piece dress with silky hair was pointing in the direction they were walking, perhaps saying, “Let’s go that way next time! The man’s face was completely hidden by black sunglasses and a black mask.

On their way to the park, they stop at a restaurant. When they remove their sunglasses and masks to eat ramen, they see a familiar face. It is actor Asuka Kudo (30).

I was thinking that there was a person who strangely wanted to hide his face,” he said. Later, I happened to see him at a restaurant and realized it was Mr. Kudo.

Kudo is a good-looking actor who gained popularity among the general public as the “face of the morning” as a regular on “ZIP! (Nippon Television Network Corporation) for two and a half years until last March. He is the eldest son of a famous family: his father, Kimiyasu Kudo, 59, is the former manager of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, and his sister, Haruka Kudo, 29, is a professional golfer.

A graduate of Tokyo University of Agriculture, he has recently been active as a “farm boy” who grows vegetables.

The beautiful woman (Ako) smiling happily next to him on that day is his current girlfriend.

She is nine years younger than Kudo, and we used to talk a lot when she was grilling meat at Kudo’s table. Kudo usually works from place to place, including his home in Tokyo, his parents’ house, and Yamanashi, where his farm is located. She and I have a sleepover date once a week at a hotel in Tokyo or at his house when she is between jobs” (Kudo’s acquaintance).

Kudo likes yakiniku and goes out to eat it five times a week. Because of this connection, the two naturally grew closer.

We asked Kudo himself about the truth behind his unexpected romance on a street corner in Tokyo after 8:00 pm. At first, he was surprised when this magazine reporter called out to him, but bowed deeply and accepted his business card.

When this reporter approached him, he stopped and gave us a direct interview. True to his image as a good-looking young man, he was soft-spoken throughout the interview.

–Good evening, this is Friday.


–I would like to ask you about your relationship with the woman you were with today.

“Oh, in that case, please come to my office at …… sorry to bother you. Thank you.”

–So you were more than just friends?

“…… to the office …….”

After saying this, he left with a Disney shopping bag in his hand. When we later confirmed the fact of their relationship with Kudo’s office, the answer was, “We are friends.

The June 10 issue of “FRIDAY June 24/July 1” contains another cut of the date photo and further details about Ako.

  • Photo Takayuki Kagawa (direct interview)

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