Dorikam Nakamura refutes the adultery song, but Miwa Yoshida “alleged photo from 20 years ago”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dorikam Nakamura refutes the adultery song, but Miwa Yoshida “alleged photo from 20 years ago”.

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Masato Nakamura responds to the fact that “Yasashii kisite wo shite (Give me a tender kiss),” one of Doricum’s best-known songs, has been called an adultery song. What does Miwa Yoshida, who wrote the lyrics, think…

Since their debut in 1989, “Dreams Come True” (hereinafter referred to as “Dreams Come True”) has sung many love songs. The duo unit of vocalist Miwa Yoshida and bassist Masato Nakamura is now one of Japan’s leading music groups.

The popular band has been the subject of a lot of controversy for voicing their anger.

It all started with a music article distributed in mid-May. In the article, the song “Give Me a Tender Kiss,” which was released in 2004, was mentioned as a representative of “adultery-related songs. Nakamura responded on SNS by saying, “That’s not an adultery song. This has caused a controversy on the Internet, involving music fans as well.

On May 21, Nakamura wrote a blog entry explaining that the song was written as the theme song for “Suna no Kiki” (TBS), which aired in 2004.

《I guess it was written from the perspective of the original character of this work, Asami Naruse, and not a song about infidelity. This kind of thing hurts the drama itself, doesn’t it?

He then refuted this. Furthermore.

It’s really unfortunate that so many people think that way because of the false information in the article. Please correct this mistake and overwrite the information.

In the first place, why was the song “Yasashii – Yasashii” called an “adulterous song”?

In the first place, why was the song “Yasashi-no-Kasai” associated with adultery? It seems that the timing of the “change” in Yoshida’s personal life and the lyrics, which describe a woman’s “unrequited love,” had a lot to do with it.

The year before the song was released, Yoshida-san was in the middle of an affair.” In January 2003, she was caught on Friday living together with Ken Sueda, a video director nine years her junior. At that point, however, his divorce had not been finalized, and it was widely reported that they were having an “affair.

The two developed a relationship after working on a music video for Dorikam and other projects. Yoshida is said to have approached Sueda aggressively.

Yoshida was unaware that Sueda had a family. In other words, he learned of the affair through news reports.

Shocked, Mr. Yoshida moved his base of living to the U.S., as if to get away from the turmoil. Moreover, the fact that Dorikam, who had released a single every year, did not release a single in 2003 showed the extent of the shock she had received.

After that, Ms. Sueda’s divorce was finalized, and they announced their marriage in May 2004. However, Sueda passed away suddenly in 2007 at the age of 33.

The fact that “Yasashii” was the first single released after the affair may have created an image of the song as an “adultery song. It may be embarrassing for Doricum to be so misunderstood, but because of Ms. Nakamura’s reaction to the online article, not only the Internet but also women’s magazines picked up the story, and Ms. Yoshida’s past came into the spotlight again. It can only be described as ironic.

For Yoshida, who is now happily married to a new husband, it may have been “none of her business”…

In December 2002, Ms. Sueda (left) joined Nakamura (right) and Yoshida (center) for dinner. Yoshida then disappeared with Ms. Sueda to her apartment…
Miwa Yoshida (in ’16) accompanied by her husband, June Kamata (left), at a dinner with Masato Nakamura.
  • Photo Kyodo, Takero Yudai, Kojiro Yamada

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