First-year student at the University of Tsukuba High School: Daily life of Princess Yuhito and the “embarrassment” of his parents | FRIDAY DIGITAL

First-year student at the University of Tsukuba High School: Daily life of Princess Yuhito and the “embarrassment” of his parents

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It has been two months since he entered the high school of his dreams. Prince Hisahito, who has joined the badminton club, spends his school days as an “ordinary first-year student,” even willing to pick up the shuttlecock.

Daily life of a first-year student in the badminton club

He says, “At an after-school practice, I asked one of the juniors who was picking up the shuttle to take it, and it was him. For a moment, I thought, “Oh! I thought, ‘Oh, my God!

A third-year female member of the badminton club at a high school affiliated with the University of Tsukuba said, “That first-year student was Yuji.

The first-year student was Eugene. He was wearing a mask, so I couldn’t see his face, and he was a new member of the club. At first, I wondered how I could get along with him as a senior. But the teachers told me to treat him normally, so I don’t pay much attention to him anymore.

In April, two months after entering Chikutuke, the school of his dreams. Prince Akishino seems to be enjoying his school life. Chikuzuke is a traditional national school and a “prestigious” school with active club activities, cultural festivals, and extracurricular activities. Prince Eugene entered Chikuzuke from Ochanomizu University Junior High School, which is also a national school, through the “Partner School System.

When the affiliated school system was established, there were rumors among the parents that there might be a possibility. But a system is a system. I have heard that students are getting used to it after entering the school. It is just that the mothers…”

A female parent of Chikuzuke said, “Prince Eugene himself is generally a good student. Eugene himself has generally blended in “naturally,” but….

The school’s response to his “sudden appearance” was as follows.

The school said, “It was at the graduation ceremony in March. This year, the parents were able to attend, and it was very lively. After the graduation ceremony, parents and children usually stay at the school until 2 or 3 o’clock, taking pictures with friends, going to memorable places in the school, taking commemorative photos, and chatting. But after the ceremony was over, suddenly there was an announcement, ‘Please leave the school grounds.

I was really looking forward to seeing everyone for the last time on this day, since we were in a school year that had many restrictions due to the Corona disaster. So why? I wondered.

Every year on the afternoon of graduation day, we have an orientation session for new students. So this was an emergency measure.”

Since Eugene’s parents were to attend the orientation, the school must have been in a great hurry to respond…. A parent of a current student said, “At the very least, we should have given a briefing to the students in advance.

If they had at least informed us in advance, we could have done something, like going early in the morning to take pictures. But anyway, everyone was told to leave, so it seems everyone had no choice but to leave. I was very happy to see that the royal family was not at Chikuzuke. Chikuzuke is not accustomed to dealing with members of the royal family, and their sudden appearance was not something we were used to…”

Noriko, the mother of Chikutsuke, attended the entrance briefing that day and was seen actively talking to the parents around her.

She also made a “sudden appearance” at the April meeting for parents of the new school year. On the 23rd, before the consecutive holidays, there was a PTA general meeting and a class parents’ meeting. Since the meeting coincided with Prince and Princess Akishino’s trip to Ise, we did not expect Noriko to attend. I was told that she was in a flurry of activity because she was notified of her attendance at the class parents’ meeting just before the meeting.

Voting for Class Officers

At the new school year parents’ meeting, class officers are decided. At Chikuzuke, the class rosters are divided into blocks, and one person is chosen from each block by “voting” among five or six people.

The roster includes names and even the name of the place of residence, and since the first-year students do not know each other, the pattern is to look at the address and select someone who lives close to the school. Eugene’s address is in Minato Ward? So, it was a bit delicate (laughs)” (parent of a current student).

Compared to the “wind” of the world, both parents and children at Chikuzuke seem to be somewhat relaxed.

On June 4, the traditional “Insei Battle,” in which the athletic teams of Chikuzuke compete against the athletic teams of Gakushuin Senior High School and Gakushuin Girls’ Senior High School, was held.
For the first time in 20 years, Chikuzuke defeated Gakushuin in the overall standings! But then they caught up with us and lost by a score of 9-10. It was so frustrating! Gakushuin doesn’t have a men’s badminton club, so Eugene didn’t attend.
He is not a tall, fashionable, or conspicuous type of guy. He doesn’t need much attention, so I think it would be good if he continues as he is” (2nd year student).
There are only a limited number of times when he can be “normal and unobtrusive. We hope that during his three years of high school, he will enjoy his “daily life” to the fullest and grow as a person.
Rainy day at Tsukuba University High School. A guard stands guard at the plantation.
Prince Eugene walks to school along this slope.
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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