Plushenko, whose stock dropped the most after the Russian invasion, to be tested for МRI due to a heart attack. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Plushenko, whose stock dropped the most after the Russian invasion, to be tested for МRI due to a heart attack.

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Figure skater Plushenko and his wife, known as one of the wealthiest people in Russia

One hundred days have passed since the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin had planned to take down the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in a blitzkrieg, but Ukraine’s fierce resistance has stalled the frontline.

In the midst of all this, a “legendary” figure skater well-known in Japan has seen his stock plummet due to a series of words and actions surrounding the invasion. The “Czar” of the Russian figure skater world, Evgeny Plushenko, whom Yuzuru Hanyu also admires, is one of them.

In the days following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, when the sports world made it clear that Russia would be excluded, Plushenko took to his Instagram account to say, “I am Russian!

I am Russian! I am proud to be Russian! (I am proud to be Russian! Stop genocide! Stop fascism!

and emphasized his patriotism. At this point, Japanese fans were

“Maybe he’s being told what to say because of his position…”

But it did not take long for them to realize that this was his “real” intention.

On Victory Day last month, on the 9th, Mr. Plushenko also took to social networking sites to say

Congratulations! Happy and Great Holiday for our country! Everyone remembers! Nothing is forgotten!

He made a strong appeal.

After that, Plushenko continued to play the role of “speaker” of Russian propaganda. The struggle for power in the Russian figure skating world is fierce, and although he had been a watchdog until then, it is said that he now has tremendous power because he has pledged his allegiance to Russia.

However, even if he gained power in Russia, it will not help if he is excluded from the international community.

What Japanese fans regretted was that not only patriotism but also Plushenko’s inner life was exposed. In particular, there was a lot of talk about money.

Plushenko has hosted ice shows around the world, but most of them have been cancelled due to sanctions. In response, he wrote on his Instagram page

“I lost 30 shows all over Europe and Japan. The show in Turin last December, even though the Olympic arena was filled to capacity right after the pandemic.

He posted. He was furious that his huge earnings were no longer going into his pocket.

On the other hand, he has been appealing to the Russian media in interviews to show that he is “full of money. In addition to his ice show, Mr. Plushenko is also a shrewd businessman who runs a school, invests in real estate such as cottages, and works in advertising. He told us

He says, “I spend a crazy amount of money. Some people say it’s not profitable, but I can afford it,” he boasted.

He boasted. According to the Russian media outlet “Championat,” it was also learned that in his main job of teaching skating, he gives cash to his students when they succeed in high jumps in order to inspire them.

The sanctions have made life tougher for ordinary Russians, but the Plushenkos live in a mansion and buy luxury brands for their 9-year-old son, Aleksandr. The other day, Alexandr made headlines when he gave a Louis Vuitton luxury bag to his friend, a 55-year-old singer.

The same reporter said, “This is a very nice gift. Fans must not have wanted to hear about this kind of out-of-this-world money talk.

On the other hand, there was also worrisome news. Plushenko recently suffered a heart attack during an event and was rushed to the hospital. According to Russian media outlet NTV

“Mr. Plushenko’s face was turning red. As time went on, it got redder and redder, and he was constantly clutching his heart. After a while he sat down on the edge.”

His wife, Ludkovskaya, then called a cab to take Plushenko to the hospital. At this point, he appears to be in life-threatening condition, but he will undergo a thorough examination, including МRI, at the hospital. Is the cause still heartache?

With his sweet mask and fresh behavior, Plushenko had a strong image of a “prince. But his image was completely destroyed by a series of words and actions that accompanied the invasion of Japan. What will he say when he sets foot in Japan again?

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