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Takafumi Horie: Background of Block on “Black and White” from Gyoza Restaurant Owner

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′To be reminded of the “Dumpling Shop Mask Riot” that we caused in 20 years…

I was clearly told in a strong tone, “It’s a hassle, get out! in a strong tone of voice.

It seems that the “Gyoza-ya Mask Incident” that occurred in 2008 is still lingering in the air.

In an exchange with an ordinary user on Twitter, businessman Takafumi Horie brought up the gyoza shop scandal again.

The “Gyoza-ya Mask Incident,” which became a topic of conversation on the Internet and elsewhere, involved Mr. Horie and a group of friends visiting a gyoza restaurant in Hiroshima Prefecture. In response, Mr. Horie expressed his complaint on SNS, causing the gyoza restaurant to be forced to close and a huge firestorm to erupt.

Mr. Horie is an advocate of not wearing masks.

The other day, he became a topic of conversation when he tweeted, “Tokyo Station is 100% shit in pants, no masks, there’s nothing but shit.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Mr. Horie is an advocate of not wearing masks.

When he talked about people who do not wear masks on Twitter, he received a lot of comments from the general public.

They say that the god who doesn’t touch you has no power over you! You never know what kind of trouble you might get into if you try to be careful.

In response to this tweet, Mr. Horie responded

I’ve never had anyone try to get in my face with me because of my masks.

Horie responded, “I’ve never had any trouble with anyone related to masks. Then, he asked whether it was because he was anti-masking.

“Wow. He’s really nothing but lies… I won’t let him say he’s forgotten about the dumpling shop!

Horie responded, “I’m not going to let him say that he forgot the one at the gyoza shop. Mr. Horie responded

It was the gyoza shop that started the whole thing. I complained about it on SNS, didn’t I? If they hadn’t tried to make a fuss and we had eaten the gyoza normally, nothing would have happened and we would have been at peace.

I replied. Furthermore.

I clearly said, “It’s a hassle, get out of here!” I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I started to calm down at the end of the day. I didn’t want to make a scene, so I kept a calm tone and wore a mask while talking with the owner.

He explained the situation at the time.

On the 2nd, the owner of the dumpling store that had caused the trouble responded.

If the owner of the dumpling shop claims that he was attacked by the owner and that he spoke to him calmly from beginning to end, why don’t we release the video from our security camera and determine which attitude was the problem? If Mr. Horie is OK with it, I will release it. When I told him, he blocked me and ran away.

He blocked the owner and ran away,” he wrote, attaching an image as proof that Mr. Horie had blocked the owner.

I would love to see the footage of the exchange between Mr. Horie and the store owner to see what the temperature was like, but I think Mr. Horie may have blocked the owner because he thought there was nothing to be gained by rehashing it.

A person involved in a wide-ranging TV show said, “It’s true that the entire furore was filmed on video. Certainly, if the whole affair were to be shown on video, it would surely become a hot topic, especially on the Internet.

Hiroyuki Nishimura, aka Hiroyuki, who was a business associate at the time, helped the owner of a gyoza restaurant that had been forced to close through crowdfunding and other means, which boosted Hiroyuki’s stock.

Horie-san may have lost his temper and insulated himself from Hiroyuki-san, and he still speaks ill of Hiroyuki-san whenever he has a chance.

The “dumpling mask incident” continues to smolder. The “Gyoza Mask Incident” continues to smolder, and it has become clear once again that the Internet is prone to rekindling past turmoil.

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