Hiroshi Abe’s “All-out Dash in a Crowded Place” Emits an Overwhelming Aura | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroshi Abe’s “All-out Dash in a Crowded Place” Emits an Overwhelming Aura

Witness! Harikomi24 <Suidobashi, 7:25 p.m.

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One night in May, the area near Suidobashi Station (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) was crowded with people on their way home from work. A tall man stood out conspicuously in one corner of the area. He is actor Hiroshi Abe (57).

Abe is standing on a street in the area of multi-tenant buildings. He was showing a quickness that one would not expect from a man in his fifties.

Abe, wearing a coat and carrying a large bag on his shoulder, stands by with dark circles under his eyes. When the camera rolls, he makes a mad dash. Without slowing down, he turns a corner in a great hurry and hands a brown envelope to a woman waiting for him. The woman checks the cash in the envelope and leaves. ……

This drama is distributed by C&I Entertainment, the production company that also produced the movie “Drive My Car. The drama will be distributed not only in Japan but also around the world, and it will be a unique opportunity for Abe to showcase his acting skills to the world.

Abe looks a little tired after running over and over again. Between takes, he rests in a chair and looks out with interest at the display of martial arts goods at the “Fighting Spirit Shop. His days of fighting spirit seem to continue.

Unpublished photograph of Abe in a drama filming in Suidobashi.
Abe is shooting a TV drama in Suidobashi.
Unpublished photograph of Hiroshi Abe filming a drama in Suidobashi.

From “FRIDAY” June 10, 2022 issue

  • Photo by Yusuke Kondo Yusuke Kondo

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