18 years in prison! Ishibashi defendant in Tomei roadside driving accident: “Spectacular bullying photo” of Ishibashi | FRIDAY DIGITAL

18 years in prison! Ishibashi defendant in Tomei roadside driving accident: “Spectacular bullying photo” of Ishibashi

The word "meat" was written on his forehead with a magic pen. ......

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A photo of Ishibashi with graffiti all over his face with a magic pen. He had been severely bullied in his hometown.

On June 6, Yokohama District Court sentenced unemployed defendant Kazuho Ishibashi, 30, to 18 years in prison. According to the judgment, in June 2005, the defendant Ishibashi persistently “taunted” a wagon driven by Tomoka Hagiyama (then 39 years old) on the off-ramp of the Tomei Expressway. The wagon was brought to a stop on the highway, causing the death of Tomoka and her husband, Yoshihisa (then 45 years old), and injuring their two daughters slightly.

On the day of the accident, Ishibashi appeared in court in a black suit. When the judge told him the verdict, he listened with an attitude of disapproval. He seemed to claim that the verdict was ‘one-sided,’ and he plans to appeal the decision. On the other hand, some are criticizing Ishibashi, saying, ‘He took two lives, so even 18 years in prison may be too light.

In the December 28, 2006 issue of this magazine, we published a photograph of Ishibashi. That is the above photo. The defendant’s face is covered in graffiti with a magic marker, and the word “meat” is written on his forehead in the shape of Kinnikuman. There are also photos of him with a mohawk and a severely shaved head.

Ishibashi has shown no signs of remorse in his previous trials, and has repeatedly made selfish claims, such as “I want to support my girlfriend, who is physically weak, so please forgive me for the accident. In fact, Ishibashi was a strong bully in his hometown of Fukuoka.

Ishibashi, who was forced to face the front of the room for the mohawk cut photo.

In the December 28, 2006 issue of this magazine, an acquaintance of Ishibashi’s told an interviewer, “Until just a few years ago, I was a bully.

Until just a few years ago, he was bullied by his local friends. Ishibashi is usually a quiet type who doesn’t talk much. He was a bullied character even among his friends because he did not assert his own opinions. Unlike the way he was reportedly seen in the bookmarking incident, he didn’t seem to have a bullish attitude.”

Ishibashi was a timid and bullied child, but when he drove, he tended to change completely. A former reporter said, “Ishibashi was 21 years old and was driving.

Ishibashi had seven traffic violations and four accidents since he obtained his driver’s license at the age of 21. There is also testimony that he becomes agitated and aggressive when a woman is sitting in the passenger seat. When he caused the Tomei accident and another incident of rash driving, there is a story that he said to the victim, ‘I live to beat people up.

I wonder if he was given an extreme shave before he was given a Mohawk cut.

It would be meaningful to know what happened to Ishibashi in the past in order to clarify his behavior principles and thoughts, including the fact that he was bullied. But that does not, of course, change the weight of the crime of taking the lives of the innocent Mr. and Mrs. Hagiyama and destroying the lives of the remaining family members.

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