One month after his sudden death…revealing the tears and laughter at Ryubei Ueshima’s “funeral”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

One month after his sudden death…revealing the tears and laughter at Ryubei Ueshima’s “funeral”.

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Ryubei Ueshima of “Ostrich Club” passed away suddenly last month. The funeral was filled with laughter, just like Mr. Ueshima…

On June 11, it will already be a month since the comedy trio “Dacho Club” Ryuhei Ueshima passed away.

His wife, Hikaru Hirokawa, a TV personality, found Ueshima collapsed at their home in Tokyo at around midnight on June 11. He was rushed to the hospital, but did not return home.

In the past, when a celebrity passed away, the news media would rush to cover the event, but nowadays, the media are becoming more reluctant to do so. In the case of Mr. Ueshima, TV stations that reported on the scene from the vicinity of his home were criticized.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) has urged all mass media outlets to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the guidelines for reporting on suicide,” said Mr. Ueshima. They will be required to give maximum consideration to the bereaved families.

said a reporter from the society department of a general newspaper. TV Asahi said at its regular press conference

TV Asahi said at its regular press conference, “We sincerely accept the various criticisms that have been made. We would like to confirm that we will not simply follow the guidelines as they are, but that we will give careful consideration to the impact of our reporting.

He also stated, “I want to make sure that we are reporting the news with careful consideration of the impact of the news coverage.

Ueshima’s funeral was held on March 14 at a funeral hall in Tokyo. Until now, only fragments of the event have been reported, but now that about a month has passed, people who attended the service are gradually beginning to talk about it.

Although Ueshima’s funeral was held in secret, many celebrities, especially members of the Ryuhei Kai, with whom he had been close during his life, came to say their final goodbyes. Among them, Hiroyuki Ariyoshi said in his radio program

“I will talk about it until it becomes a classic rakugo story.

In his radio program, Hiroyuki Ariyoshi revealed that the funeral was not only sad, as he declared, “I’m going to talk about it until it becomes a classic rakugo story.

On the “Matsuko & Ariyoshi Kosome Tengoku” (TV Asahi) broadcast on March 3, the eccentric behavior of Kunihiro Matsumura, one of the attendees, was introduced.

He said, “I imitate a monk’s sutra all the time. (Wakako-san used to beat me.

He recalled with a grin. Matsumura asked what sect the monk belonged to and tried to expand on the topic, to which Ariyoshi replied, “Everyone was crying, but only the people were listening.

Ariyoshi laughed and said, “Everyone was crying, but only one of them was crazy about the monk.

Ariyoshi laughed, saying, “Everyone was crying, but only one person was crazy about the monk.

Tetsuro Degawa, who had worked hard with Ueshima as a reaction comedian, said through his agency

I am very sorry. I still wanted to fight and kiss Ryu-san. He was my best rival and my best friend.

He was my best rival and my best friend. At the funeral, Katsuhiro Higo of the Ostrich Club asked a sobbing Izukawa

He said, “I think you should kiss him.
“Give me a kiss at the end.

and “Kiss me at the end,” he requested. Degawa replied

“It’s not a good idea in this day and age,” he said.

But Higo replied.

Tatsu-chan, you tested negative for corona, so you’ll be fine.
You should kiss her.

But Higo did not give up, and finally

I heard that Mr. Degawa kissed the corpse.

(A TV insider).

His wife Hirokawa drew laughter in her final speech as a mourner. She introduced the fact that Mr. Ueshima was fond of Tora-san, the main character in the movie “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo” (Otoko wa Tsuraiyo). Hirokawa then said.

Tora-san died…Oh, I made a mistake. I meant Ryu-san, not Tora-san.

The hall erupted in laughter. The funeral hall was filled with laughter.

The attendees all felt a great sense of loss, but his wife and the two members of the Ostrich Club made jokes about Mr. Ueshima at various points, which caused them to “cry and laugh. Higo-san and Jimon Terakado had decided in advance that they would send him off with a smile so that he would not be damp,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

The funeral was typical of Ueshima, who was always cheerful and smiling. As a comedian, Mr. Ueshima made people laugh right up to the end of his life. His image will be passed on by his fellow comedians for a long time to come.

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