Fans Went Gaga with Rena Sumi’s Mom Like Navy Blue Blouse! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans Went Gaga with Rena Sumi’s Mom Like Navy Blue Blouse!

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Freelance announcer Reina Sumi has been attracting attention for her matured outfit on her Instagram account. The comments were praised: “Sumi-chan is so cute,” “Stylish Sumi-chan,” and “Very nice.”

There are two Sumis…! (from her Instagram @sumi_reina)

It seems that Sumi enjoyed shopping at the Ginza store of golf brand “Taylor Made” on that day.

She said, “I went shopping at TaylorMade Ginza in between work. Golf wear is a perfect Father’s Day gift. Not only did I get to shop, but I also got to learn how to putt and watch my swing, and it was a very meaningful time. Now I’m ready to play golf tomorrow! I’m sure I’ll be fine! lol” (from Sumi’s Instagram)

Sumi is pictured here with her Tailor Made paper bag. Her navy top makes her look like a mom on a class visit, which is a bit thrilling. The pendant on her chest is very impressive. Behind Sumi is another Sumi?

Yes, Sumi took a picture in front of a Tailor Made advertising poster in which she is the model. Fans commented, “It’s a trick art!

Using her athleticism, Sumi has also been in charge of golf programs. Perhaps because of this, she joined “Team Taylor Made” in June 2021, and often posts photos of herself wearing the company’s products on her Instagram.

Fans are excited to see more of Sumi as she continues to expand her activities!

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