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Yuki Poyo’s Acting Debut in Popular TV Drama Series – Starting From the Bottom, Again!

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Yukipoyo was dried up from TV for a while due to the drug arrest of a man she knew. She debuted as an actress in a Japanese drama.

Yuki Kimura aka “Yukipoyo,” a gal talent, made her drama debut on June 5 in “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), a drama series starring Naniwa Boys’ Shunsuke Michieda.

The “Kindaichi” series is a venerable drama series in which Japanese celebrities have starred since Tsuyoshi Domoto starred in the series in 1995. Yukipoyo also announced the series on her Instagram before it aired.

I will be appearing in my first drama.

Speaking of Yukipoyo, her work has been drastically decreasing for the past year. The reason for this was that a male acquaintance was arrested on suspicion of using cocaine at his home in January 2021, and it was reported that Yukipoyo herself was interviewed by the police and her house was searched.

Yukipoyo’s job is back now, but she is starting from the bottom again.  “The day after the report, 60 jobs were canceled,” she said on an Internet TV program.

Even though she herself was cleared, the arrested man was a former member of a gang and had a history of arrests as an instructor for bank transfer fraud. The damage to her image was inevitable. Yukipoyo said that she easily fell in love with a bad guy with money, and that her ex-boyfriends were all ex-convicts.

Since the riot, Yukipoyo has cut off most of her bad friends, changed her cell phone number, and moved out of her house where the said man was arrested.

After she announced that she will change for the better, she was reported by “Josei Seven” to be dating a “kowamo tera rapper” with tattoos all over his body with a lot of rumors surrounding him. When she was laid off, she went around to several sports newspapers with her agency and asked them to publish interviews with her, as if she were on an apology tour.

However, in October of last year, she left the agency that had helped her for so many years and transferred to Asia Promotion, the agency ofTsubasa Masuwaka, Yu Takahashi and others stars. Perhaps it was because of this that Yukipoyo, whose private life has been in danger for some time, received an offer to appear in a TV drama.

“It is true that I am afraid that she might do something wrong, but I am not sure. But NTV and Johnny’s have a special relationship. I think NTV had confidence that they would never keep Yukipoyo in the series regardless of any scandal that might occur. She must have been in a lot of pain, and I think she is reflecting on the situation. Even though it was a drama, it was a guest appearance and a one-off. I think he was still thinking, ‘Let’s try it out and see how people react.'” The most important thing is that the public does not look at Yukipoyo that coldly anymore.

Yukipoyo has lost credibility and has fallen to the ground. Now that she has made her debut as an actress in a Japanese drama, will this be the start of her comeback?

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