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Ishihara and Ayano, Arimura and Suda… They look like lovers.

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Satomi Ishihara & Tsuyoshi Ayano on the location of the drama “Love is Deep” at ……. Taken in April this year.

A morning in April this year. A man and a woman hugging each other on a park bench near Shinagawa Station in Tokyo. Satomi Ishihara (34) and Tsuyoshi Ayano (39) were filming the drama “Love is Deep” (Nippon Television Network Corporation).

As they talked, Ishihara shed tears …… in what looked like a serious scene, but as soon as the cut was made, both of them looked peaceful. But when the camera cuts to a scene where Ishihara is in tears as they talk, it looks like a serious scene.

In most dramas and movies, a love story is essential. The actors and actresses put a lot of effort into their performances in order to create a sense of realism. Looking at them from the other side, they look like a real couple. They are indeed top-notch actors. Here are some of the scenes we encountered on location that made us feel like we were watching real lovers.

Relaxed kissing scene

Kento Nakajima and Fuka Koshiba gaze lovingly at each other. They hug and kiss in some scenes. Taken in August this year.

This August, the Tokyo Olympics were in their final stages. Another “hot drama” was unfolding in Ariake, Tokyo, where there are many competition venues. At the center of the film crew was Kento Nakajima (27) of “Sexy Zone” and Fuka Koshiba (24), an actress wearing a red dress. Apparently, they were filming for the drama “Kanojo wa kirei desu” (She was beautiful), in which they both appeared.

The drama is about a “disappointed girl” who meets her handsome childhood friend again and falls in love. It is based on a very popular Korean drama that became a social phenomenon. From the first episode to the fourth, the viewership rate was low at 4-5%, but in the fifth episode, the heroine played by Ms. Koushiba was transformed into a beautiful woman and became a hot topic. There was an “oddity in the schedule” here.

The sluggishness in the first half was to be expected. After the Olympics were broadcasted, the heroine underwent a major transformation, which became a hot topic on SNS and the Internet. The strategy was to make up for the slump in the first half and win back viewers by distributing missed episodes. Thanks to this, the viewer rating exceeded 12%.

Let’s go back to the scene at the beginning. Let’s go back to the scene at the beginning of the movie. It was a scene where two people who have been at odds with each other realize their feelings. Nakajima and Koshiba looked at each other, talked, hugged, and kissed. When the cut was made, a staff member walked up to Koshiba and Nakajima and talked to them. Koshiba smiled lovingly as he listened. Perhaps it was the lead actor himself who created a relaxed atmosphere so that the audience would not feel nervous about the kissing scene.

A big circle with both hands!

Nanaka Mori poses for a photo with Taiga Nakano, her co-star in the drama “Kono Koi Atatemasu ka”. Photo taken after filming in Yokohama in November 2008.

It was a chilly day in November 2008, with an autumn breeze blowing. One day in November 2008, a chilly autumn breeze was blowing, and the drama “Kono Koi Atatemasu ka” (TBS) was being filmed early in the morning at an amusement park in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is a love story about the heroine, a convenience store clerk, and the president of the convenience store chain, who develop a love affair through the development of sweets.

The heroine was played by a young actress, Nanana Mori (20), who made her debut five years ago and has since passed a series of auditions and appeared in NHK’s morning drama “Yale” in 2008.

In 2008, she appeared in NHK’s morning drama “Yale. In particular, there are many scenes of her eating in this drama, and the way she eats with a twinkle in her eye and looks so delicious was very popular with the staff.

On this day, in the scene where she was eating sweets, Mori kept eating with a smile on her face even after the scene was cut. Even though it was a long day of shooting, she and her co-star Taiga Nakano (28) made a circle with their hands and took a photo together.

The reason for the awkward embrace

Yoshihiko Inohara and Noriko Nakagoshi embracing each other in an awkward gesture, taken in May 2008.

The man’s gestures are somewhat awkward and he can’t seem to put any strength into his hands. The woman, on the other hand, is more aggressive. She clings to the man’s back and pulls him close to her.

It was in May 2008 that I saw a scene of V6’s Yoshihiko Inohara (45) and Noriko Nakagoshi (41) embracing. It was on the set of the TV drama “Police Department Investigation Section 9” (TV Asahi), which was airing at the time. Nakagoshi seemed to be absorbed in his acting, but Inoch seemed to be unenthusiastic for some reason. ……

“It’s no wonder. It was only two days before the shooting that Inochi and his wife, Asaka Seto, held their wedding reception. At the reception, Seto sang a ballad she had written herself, and Inochi cried. Even though it was work, he probably didn’t feel comfortable embracing another woman in the full aura of happiness.

A celebrity’s performance is a picture. (Entertainment production insider).

Masaki Sugata and Jun Arimura walking happily together during a location shoot for the movie “I’ve Got Love Like a Bouquet.
Miki Nakatani, who played a married couple in the drama “You Have a Home to Go Back to” with Hiroshi Tamaki, photographed in May 2006.
Jun Arimura and Kento Hayashi. On the set of the drama Sis’s Lover, shot in November 2008.
November 2008. Koizumi Kotaro and Kimura Yoshino chat during the filming of the drama “Mothers in Love.
Yuna Kuroshima and Kengo Kora played a married couple in NHK’s “Hanameyu. They became a real couple in private.
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Takero Kizuka, Yusuke Kondo, Sota Shima, Shu Nishihara

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