“The man who attacked a junior high school girl said, “The slave contract is part of the play. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“The man who attacked a junior high school girl said, “The slave contract is part of the play.

On September 27, defendant Takahiro Oomaru made a series of statements at the trial in an attempt to make light of his actions.

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On June 23, Ohmaru was arrested and sent to the prosecutor’s office for violation of the Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Act (Photo: Shinji Hasuo)

On September 27, the second trial of defendant Takahiro Daimaru (29, at the time of his arrest), a resident of Saitama Prefecture, was held at the Tokyo District Court (Judge: Shuko Hino), in which he asked a female junior high school student, who was 13 years old at the time, to sign and seal a “slave contract” and then engaged in sexual acts with her.

In February of this year, the defendant had A, a junior high school girl whom he had met through Twitter, sign and seal a slave contract of his own making, which stated, “I pledge eternal loyalty and obedience to the monopoly owner,” and then gave her 50,000 yen to engage in sexual intercourse at a love hotel in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

In addition to violating the Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Prohibition Law by filming the event, he was also charged with violating Saitama Prefecture’s Youth Development Ordinance by having sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old high school girl with whom he had been communicating through Twitter DMs.

At the second trial, the defendant was questioned about how and why he, then a company employee, committed the crime against a girl who was more than a year older than him. In the exchange, the defendant, who was an office worker at the time, explained how and why he committed the crime against a girl who was more than a year older than him.

The defendant, who had been released on bail, appeared in court with his lawyer, wearing a wrinkled suit, glasses, and a mask. He sat on the couch in front of the defense counsel’s seat, but we could not see his expression as he turned his entire body toward the judge, as if he did not want to show his face to the audience.

The time allotted for this trial was 30 minutes. Perhaps because they were trying to ask questions in such a short time, both the defense and the prosecutor spoke quickly. The defense attorney, who had been wearing a nose mask the whole time, first asked about the “slave contract” used in the case of Ms. A.

The defense attorney said, “When you actually met with Ms. A, you made her sign a slave contract. Why?”
Defendant : “As part of the play, I wanted to have her do that.”
Defense counsel: “You thought the sexual act would be exciting?”
Defendant : “Yes.”
Defense counsel: “In fact, did you intend to have them do everything that was written there?”
Defendant : “No, not like that.”
Defense counsel: “And yet, you took the contract home with you and photographed it. Why is this?”
Defendant : “We had an appointment to meet again, so I kept it for that occasion.”

Ms. A also testified that since she had no experience, “I never tried to insert myself into her. “She claimed that she had promised not to go that far. He also said that he had invited Ms. B to his house to help her through her difficult time, saying, “It was difficult for me while she was working, but she said she was going to die, so I met her. He said that he invited her to his house to help her.

The discrepancy between her and Mr. B is the number of times they had intercourse. The defendant had intercourse with Ms. B, whom he invited to his house with the intention of protecting her, but she said, “Once. I didn’t do anything else. She said she didn’t like to be seen naked,” and said she only had intercourse once.

The defendant said, “We woke up in the morning and while we were hugging, I asked her if I could do it. I asked her if I could, and she said yes, so I did.”
Defense counsel: “Did Mr. B seem uncomfortable?”
Defendant : “He asked me to do it one more time. Defendant: “He asked me to do it again. I filmed him for later masturbation.”

Defendant: “Having it written down satisfies me.”

But Mr. B’s story is different. The questioner switched to the prosecutor, who questioned the defendant in rapid succession.

The prosecutor said, “You said that you had sexual intercourse only once, but Mr. B said ‘multiple times. Why do you think Mr. B is talking like that?”
Defendant : “I think it’s because I think he did that to me.
Prosecutor: “Why do you think he’s talking like that if he didn’t?
Defendant : “I don’t know myself.”

The prosecutor asked, “Why do you think you are talking like that when you didn’t?

The prosecutor said, “You say you never forcibly inserted her, but do you know that Ms. A told a different story?
Defendant : “Yes.”
Prosecutor: “Ms. A says you tried to insert it, but ‘I got down on my knees and stopped you’. ……”
Defendant : “No!

The defendant denies the allegations, but the prosecutor asks about the slave contract.

The prosecutor asked, “What do you mean when you say that the slave contract was ‘part of the play’?
Defendant : “By having something like that written down, ……”
Prosecutor: “Fulfilled?”
Defendant : “It’s fulfilling to have it written down.”
Prosecutor: “You said the reason you took the picture was ‘for the next time we meet again’, what does that mean?”
Defendant : “I asked him to write it down again and look at it with me, I’m excited ……”
Prosecutor: “I kind of don’t understand what you mean.”
Defendant : “It means that we looked at it together. I’m just excited about the fact that they wrote it for me.”

It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re looking for. “It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life. I think it escalated as I did it more and more, and I couldn’t control myself. I will never do it again after I return to society,” he said, vowing not to commit the crime again. He has been attending counseling sessions to achieve this goal.

The prosecutor said, “He committed the crime against two people within a month. The prosecutor said, “He committed the crimes against two people in one month, and he is trying to keep his mouth shut to avoid charges. The prosecutor demanded that Daimaru be sentenced to two years in prison, saying, “He committed the crimes knowing that they were crimes, and the possibility of him committing them again is very high. I didn’t actually try to do what was written in the contract.

He was arrested twice and taken into physical custody, and was photographed and widely reported by the media waiting for him at the Kitazawa station. The defendant’s name was posted on a summary site with abusive language. The verdict is scheduled to be handed down in October.

A template for a slave contract that can be easily retrieved from social networking sites.
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