Popular fortune-teller Shima shows us the way! “A simple way to improve your luck in October. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Popular fortune-teller Shima shows us the way! “A simple way to improve your luck in October.

A monthly series! The popular fortune-teller Shima gives advice on how to spend the month!

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Zebras (Photo by Makoto Kato)

She appears on the popular TV program “Suddenly, but can I tell your fortune? (Fuji Television Network, every Wednesday from 10:00 p.m.), and her book, ” Ryukyu Feng Shui Shima Teaches You the Magic of Numbers to Turn Your Surroundings into Power Spots,” is in the process of being reprinted, and her new book, ” Ryukyu Feng Shima Teaches You the Codes of Numbers to Control Your Destiny,” is also a hot topic. Her new book, “Ryukyu Feng Shui Shiuma Teaches You the Codes of Numbers to Control Your Destiny,” is also a hot topic. (Nippon Television Network Corporation), which will start on October 7.

She is a specialist in divination using Ryukyu feng shui, nine-star astrology, and numerology. This time, it’s October.

“October is the month of Boshinu and Rokuganein in the Nine Star system. The theme is ‘Be firm. Since last month was the month of the Seventh Red Planet, the theme is the exact opposite: this is the month to focus on what needs to be done since you let loose in September. To do this, it is important to keep your promises and be punctual. Venus has a tendency to be strict about rules and regulations, such as following the rules of the company, school, or community in which you live. In terms of students, they follow the school rules. You should also be aware of the curfews set by your family.

The month of Hexapira Venus is a good time to plan things out. Make preparations in advance, such as making appointments with people a week in advance. In terms of your lifestyle, you will have better luck if you set a certain time to come home and a certain time to go to bed. “It is also a good idea to plan your daily schedule, for example, “This day is for playing and this day is for cleaning up the house.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a month in which work should take precedence over play. Let’s put in the effort to be proactive in our work. Respecting your superiors and demonstrating a solid work ethic will increase your effectiveness. This is a time that goes well with the words “justice” and “royalty,” so be sure to approach things in a straightforward manner.

What you should not do is to ignore the rules or violate manners. Forcing yourself to cross a yellow light because you are in a hurry is outrageous. Other than that, live your life with a sense of morality, such as lining up, not interrupting, and throwing trash in the trash can. Taking this opportunity to relearn manners is also a good way to improve your luck.

In addition, this is a month to pay attention to typhoons. Since Venus is closely associated with the invisible forces of the heavens, this is a month when natural disasters are likely to occur. There is no way to avoid rain and wind, so be sure to prepare in advance and focus on what you should do in case of an emergency.

So what exactly should we do to improve our luck in October?

“The lucky number you should be aware of is 16. It is a number with a sense of justice and strict rules. It is a number that will help you have a good relationship with your superiors, which is in line with the tendencies of Venus.

The lucky color is silver. Gray has the meaning of ambiguity, and silver is its high-grade color, which means “not too much” or “soften”. Hexagram brings luck by being strict with the rules, but on the other hand, there is an aspect of being too rigid. Silver is a supportive color that loosens up this hardness.

Your lucky food is high quality food. High quality foods go well with Roku-Penguin. Considering that the food is in season, eating dishes such as matsutake mushrooms will bring you luck.

Take care of your scalp for good luck. It is a good idea to go for a scalp massage or head spa. The weak point of Venus is the head. This includes the scalp and brain. If you are tired from work, it is a good idea to have a head massage in the sense of refreshing your mood.

A lucky spot is the lounge of a luxury hotel. Why don’t you try it when you have a meeting or a business negotiation? It is also a good idea to stretch your legs a little and go to a luxurious place that you don’t normally go to, to give yourself a boost. Lucky items are jewels and jeweled accessories, so you may want to dress up a bit and go to a lounge for dinner.

October is a month when being stingy will bring you bad luck. It’s a good time to spend a little money, but the payoff will be worth it, so try not to worry too much about what’s in your wallet.

Your lucky days are the 1st, 26th, and 15th, in that order. An unlucky day is the 7th. Be careful.”

People belong to one of the nine stars according to their date of birth. The nine stars are Mercury, Saturn, Cygnus, Jupiter, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Venus, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Mars. For each of them, I asked for a few words of advice.

Mercury, don’t trust your senses.
Nikuro-Saturn, take care of yourself.
San Heki Jupiter, watch your step.
Four green Jupiter, act five minutes ahead of time.
Saturn 5: Let go of your feelings of gain and loss
Venus, don’t force your ideas on others.
Seven red Venus, be conscious of improving your skills.
Saturn, find a new hobby.
Mars, change your hairstyle.

It is easy to find out which fortune you belong to on the Internet. If you can find out the characteristics of your fortune, it will help you to know your luck and control yourself more easily.

September is the month to play hard, and this month, the month after that, is the month to work hard. In this way, if you incorporate the Nine Star system into your daily life, you will naturally be able to lead a more balanced life. Understanding the personality of each of the nine stars will help you to understand the relationship that complements each of them, so you will be able to take a deeper interest in them.

Born on June 13, 1978. Born in Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture. Influenced by her mother who is a Ryukyu feng shui master, she learned Okinawa’s unique Ryukyu feng shui, family name determination, and nine-star chi kung. In addition to giving fortune-telling advice in magazines such as “ViVi”, “anan”, “Josei Jishin”, and on the radio, she supervises many fortune-telling contents on cell phone sites. In 2019, she appeared on “Nino-san” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) as a member of the comedy group “Wild Bomb”. In 2019, his appearance on “Nino-san” (NTV), where he changed the name of comedian Kukki! He is currently a regular on “Suddenly, but can I tell your fortune? (Fuji Television) as a regular fortune teller. He has become a topic of conversation because his fortune-telling is so accurate.

She is also the author of “Number Codes” (Kodansha), “Fate Changes from the Time You Set Your Smartphone PIN to 8376! (Shufu to Seikatsusha), ” Ryukyu Feng Shui Shiuma Teaches “Magic of Numbers” to Change Your Surroundings into Power Spots” (Kodansha), “Shiuma-san’s Ryukyu Feng Shui Kaiunjutsu! (KADOKAWA). His new book, ” Ryukyu Feng Shui Shiuma Teaches You ‘Codes of Numbers’ to Control Your Destiny” ( Kodansha) is also in reprint.

Photo: Makoto Kato
Interview and text by Yusuke Yamashita
Composition: SUPER MIX

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