Kei Komuro to marry, SP escorts her on airplane: “I knew she would get VIP treatment | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro to marry, SP escorts her on airplane: “I knew she would get VIP treatment

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Four years have passed since the unofficial announcement of the engagement. Kei Komuro’s marriage to Princess Mako has finally been officially announced.

Four years have passed since the engagement announcement. The marriage of Kei Komuro to Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, has finally been officially announced.

Mr. Komuro arrived at Narita Airport from New York on September 27. Surrounded by several SPs who appeared to be police and airport officials, Mr. Komuro got off the plane.

She wore her hair in a long ponytail, unbuttoned and with no tie on her suit, just like when she was photographed in New York. For Mr. Komuro, the conventional style of wearing a clean haircut and a tight tie, just because he was marrying a member of the royal family, did not seem to matter.

However, there is one thing that has clearly changed. That is his attitude toward the mass media.

When FNN interviewed him directly on the 24th, he did not take off his earphones, but instead “completely ignored” the reporters’ questions with his hands in his pockets. He did not bail at all, nor did he smile. However, as other stations, including NTV and TBS, continued to interview him, Komuro began to bow to the media again and again, just as he had done four years ago.

“I think Mako must have warned him about it because the way he appeared was so “unpleasant”. On the other hand, the fact that Mr. Komuro took that attitude can be taken as a sign that he doesn’t care what the Japanese people think of him in the future. During the quarantine period, he can’t have any contact with people, so he can’t even get a haircut. I wonder if she will get a haircut right before the press conference…” (Imperial Household Journalist)

Mami Takahashi, who appeared on “Viking More” (Fuji TV), was also upset about Komuro’s attitude.

She said, “I think it’s at times like that that the true nature of a person comes out. If she could just stop and say, ‘I can’t talk to you, I’m sorry. He could have said, “I’m sorry, I can’t talk to you,” but I can’t imagine him going like that with his earphones in and ignoring me. No matter how persistent he is!

While Mr. Komuro has been the focus of attention since his return to Japan, the simple police station at his parents’ house, where his mother Kayo lives, has been restored and more than 10 police officers are guarding the area, which had been out of service since Mr. Komuro’s trip to New York. It is within the scope of the police’s job to protect people in danger, but even so, the “VIP treatment” of Mr. Komuro is noticeable in many places.

“Mr. Komuro was supposed to fly home in economy class, but JAL seems to have moved him to business class out of consideration for the general public and security. It is not uncommon for this to happen, and even ordinary passengers are often upgraded from economy class to business class free of charge if there are certain circumstances.

In New York, Mr. Komuro entered the airport through a different entrance from the general public. In New York, Mr. Komuro entered the airport through a different entrance than the general public. After returning to Japan, he was still treated as a “VIP” as he was protected by SP like a foreign dignitary.

After returning to Japan, he was originally supposed to stay at a hotel in Tokyo for a period of quarantine, but instead he was taken to his parents’ apartment in Kanagawa Prefecture. Behind the scenes, Mr. Komuro said

“I’m going home.

It’s not hard to imagine the flurry of activity among the security officials. Incidentally, the same magazine reported the voice of an official of the Metropolitan Police Department, who said, “Even IOC President Bach was not this selfish.

In a sense, Mr. Komuro is being protected until he returns to New York. We’ll have to wait and see what he does after the quarantine period…

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