Mako finally realizes her dream: “I’m 30, and my life starts here. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mako finally realizes her dream: “I’m 30, and my life starts here.

Imperial family journalist congratulates Mako on her 30th birthday

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On November 14, 1995, Prince Akishino celebrated his 30th birthday. Noriko, who was a junior at university, was 29 at the time. This coincides with the age of the current Princess Mako. Photo: Reuters/Afro

Today, the marriage of Princess Mako of the Akishino family and Kei Komuro was officially announced.

Much has been written about their love story and Komuro’s background.

“I would like to congratulate these two young people on their marriage. I would like to congratulate these two young people on their marriage, and I can only say that I am rather impressed that they were able to stick to their feelings even after being exposed to so much media coverage.

This is Midori Watanabe, an imperial family journalist and visiting professor at Bunka Gakuen University.

Ms. Watanabe has been a consistent supporter of the marriage since the “informal press conference” on September 3, 2017, even in the midst of the turmoil.

She said, “Because, you know, marriage is their own thing. And no matter what era it is, the imperial family marriages are always subject to a lot of criticism from people around them.

When Michiko got married, there was a lot of talk about her status being different. However, there is no one who criticizes Michiko for being so close to the Emperor now.

Michiko has always said that marriage is a decision of one’s own will.

I’m sure she will bless this marriage as well.

On October 26, the couple will submit their marriage registration and become husband and wife.

“The members of the royal family are keeping their mouths shut at the moment. But it’s good, isn’t it? Mako, who endured three years alone in Japan after Mr. Komuro’s move to the U.S., is said to be suffering from complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I feel sorry for her. I hope she will have confidence in herself. The two of you are both starting out at the age of 30. It’s never too late to take off from your parents’ protection.

Mako, who declined to receive the lump sum, will have to live a strong life together with her university classmate, Kei Komuro. But I’m sure that the two of them, who have endured so much bashing, will get over it.

During the three years they have not seen each other, their feelings for each other have grown stronger, and they have not yet been able to see each other in person. However, I am sure that they must be filled with great joy and a sense of accomplishment in their respective places by now.

Mako and Mr. Komuro have realized the fruit of their single-minded love. But this is not the goal. Their life together begins here.

  • Photo Reuters/Afro

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