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An Active Cabaret Club Employee in Kabukicho Tells Us About the Unknown Realities of Pillow Sales

Asuna Sakura, an active cabaret actress Kabukicho Yabasai Jinzu Zukan" (2)

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What is the true reality of Kabukicho’s “pillow sales” as seen by Ms. Sakura?

Until seven or eight years ago, there were places in Kabukicho that asked cabaret girls if they could do pillow talk during the interview process. As one might expect, such establishments have disappeared now that the area has become cleaner, but there are even “pillow stores” in Kabukicho, where many cabaret girls engage in pillow sales.

In TV dramas, we often see stories of unsuccessful cabaret girls who sell by doing pillow jobs, but in reality, even those who are popular and talented do pillow jobs in order to increase sales. In reality, even those who are popular and talented do pillow sales in order to increase their sales.

However, if a customer easily gets a “sense of accomplishment” and stops coming to the salon, it takes a lot of technique to get the customer to continue coming to the salon even after the pillow sales.

Each girl has her own style.

The style of pillow talk also varies from person to person. Some cabarets will voluntarily initiate pillow sales to customers who are willing to spend money, while others will sleep with a customer every time he or she spends a certain amount of money. Others use it as a weapon to hold on to customers who are about to lose their nomination.

There are also many customers who are desperate for a pillow with a cabaret girl. They pose as rich people and appeal to the caballeros for a pillow. There are also customers who make a frontal offer, but most of them are not liked by the caballeros. In the end, they end up spending money only to be told that they can’t get laid.

It is not easy to tell if a cabaret girl who acts as if she is a pillow is not a pillow, or if a cabaret girl who claims never to be a pillow is actually a pillow. ……

It doesn’t matter how much money they have or how high their status is, it is up to the cabarets to decide whether or not they are a “pillow talker”. In Kabukicho, the status or family background of the daytime occupation is of no use.

There is an episode like this. The grandson of the head of a certain country and a sergeant of a major company saw a certain cabaret girl in Kabukicho on SNS, fell in love with her, and came to Japan. He liked the cabaret girl so much that he waited for her at the restaurant every day before she came to work and gave her expensive gifts every time. However, the sergeant pressed her for a pillow, and the cabaret girl was furious. No matter how much money he had, he was treated as a nuisance, “like a stalker” and “his katakana Japanese is bothersome.

It is similar to a pachinko machine, where you can’t tell from just a few hits whether the machine will not hit no matter how much money you put into it, or whether it is a fun machine that pays out quickly.

Money and sexual desire drive people crazy, and in Kabukicho, a heated game between men and women is played out every night.

  • Manga: Asuna Sakura Asuna Sakura

    Asuna lives in Kabukicho and is an active cabaret actress working at one of the most famous establishments in Japan. She also manages a night work introduction agency. She is also active on Twitter (@sakuraasuna01).

  • Interview and writing by Yutaisha

    Writer. A sex worker who lives near Kabukicho and is familiar with hosts and host clubs, she spends her days teasing hosts on SNS and on the street.

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