Yukina Kinoshita’s “Too bold in a cami top” revealed to the public, thrilling fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita’s “Too bold in a cami top” revealed to the public, thrilling fans!

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Yukina Kinoshita has been attracting attention for her “too daring cami top” on her Instagram account. It’s too cute!” The comments included “You look beautiful,” “You look so cool,” and “Your legs look so nice.

She really looks good in summery outfits! (from her Instagram).

Kinoshita showed a summery photo of herself in a black cami top. She is wearing sporty Adidas pants and black thick-soled shoes. She is wearing a white cap on her head. In Kinoshita’s hand is a “LOVE BOAT” bag. According to Kinoshita, he wants people to pay attention to this item, which can be found at …….

He says, “I posted a mirror of LOVE BOAT and everyone was so excited. I want young people who don’t know about Lovvo to know about it.

On her Instagram the other day, Kinoshita revealed “goods I carry with me when I go out,” and among them was a “LOVE BOAT” mirror. LOVE BOAT” is a Shibuya gal brand that once dominated among high school girls. Fans who saw it voiced nostalgia for the brand, as well as those from the younger generation who had never heard of the brand. In response to this reaction, he reintroduced “LOVE BOAT” items on his Instagram page.

Kinoshita, born in Tokyo in 1987 and nicknamed “Yukkina,” was scouted in Shibuya in 2006 and entered the entertainment industry. In the fall of 2009, she launched a YouTube channel, and while she expressed her desire to make a full-fledged comeback, saying, “I still want to work in front of people,” she also stated that she “will never appear on TV” and intends to focus her activities on YouTube and other media.

In her personal life, she is a mother of three girls. She is an acclaimed cook and has even published a cookbook. Kinoshita used to be synonymous with gal, but now she has become a mamatare (mom). ……!

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