The yakuza world is in an uproar…! A shocking “letter of excommunication” issued by a martial arts organization | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The yakuza world is in an uproar…! A shocking “letter of excommunication” issued by a martial arts organization

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A “letter of excommunication” notified in May of this year. Its contents are causing a stir.

A “letter of excommunication” sent to related parties in May of this year is creating a stir in the yakuza industry. A gangster said, “The ‘letter of excommunication’ has already been sent to each of our affiliates.

The “letter of excommunication” has already been notified to various parties, but its contents were shocking. Usually, the ‘letter of excommunication’ or ‘letter of excommunication’ does not state the reason for the excommunication, and even if it did, it rarely specifies the specifics of the excommunication. I have been in this world for a long time, but I have never seen such a circular letter.

The sender of the letter is a subordinate organization of the Sumiyoshi-kai affiliated “Kohei Family. The Sumiyoshi-kai is the largest organization in the Kanto region. Among them, the Kouhei family is based in downtown Tokyo, including Shinjuku, Nakano, and Ikebukuro, and is recognized as one of the most prominent martial arts groups in Sumiyoshi-kai,” said a Sumiyoshi-kai official.

A person related to Sumiyoshikai also commented, “Naturally, the contents of the letter are shared even within the organization. It is indeed unusual for the reason for excommunication to be written in such detail. True to his words, the “letter of excommunication” is lined with strong language.

<The righteous one, pursuing only his own pleasures, having become corrupt to the point of being a pea-sucking sludge, trampling on the repeated warnings and kindnesses of his seniors, and pursuing the path of ponchu, a road of self-interest and self-indulgence…. His behavior, which is no less than that of a dog, a beast, or a gaijin, is absolutely unforgivable, and as a result of the discussion among the members of the family, it has been decided that he is to be excommunicated.

Mamadoro” is one of the terms used in the yakuza community to refer to the act of cuckolding the wives and mistresses of the same yakuza. It is so called because “mame” refers to a woman and “doro” refers to a thief. Another gang member explained, “What you often hear is that the yakuza are in prison.

One of the most common cases we hear of is that of a gangster who cuckolds his imprisoned brothers or young men. This is considered the most taboo of taboos, even if it is the boss. In the Yakuza world, it is considered that those who commit “mamedoro” are liable to be killed by the cuckold’s brothers or henchmen. The older the organization, the more clearly it is decided that “mamadoro” is absolutely forbidden.

That is how forbidden it is even in the Yakuza world. Rumor has it that the person who was issued the letter of excommunication in question also cuckolded the wife of a yakuza member. If true, excommunication is a given. It would be better if they were not killed.

Basically, a yakuza who has been excommunicated cannot belong to any other organization, and the “letter of excommunication” is passed on not only to his family members but also to other organizations. The fact that I am writing this much is proof that my guts are boiling over. I can understand his feelings when I see what he has done. The fact that it is not a letter of excommunication for a deficit with no hope of ever returning to work shows the warmth of the group.

Recently, many celebrities have disappeared from television due to reports of adultery, but for the bloodthirsty yakuza, adultery seems to be a rule so strict that it could cost them their lives.

  • Interview and text Yu Tsuchiyama

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