Meiku Nagano, Masumi Arimura, Anne, Ai Hashimoto… The brilliance of “leading actresses” in summer dramas | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Meiku Nagano, Masumi Arimura, Anne, Ai Hashimoto… The brilliance of “leading actresses” in summer dramas

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Nagano sprinting to shoot a movie in October, 2008.

This may be a new frontier for actress Meiku Nagano (22).

This is about her role in the drama “Riding on a Unicorn” (TBS), which starts in July, in which she plays the lead role. Nagano will play the role of the CEO of an educational company called “Dream Pony.

In the past, she has often played roles such as the chick police officer in “Hakozume” (NTV), in which she is a bit of a goofball but still has a positive attitude,” said Mr. Nagano. I think most of the characters were linked to Ms. Nagano’s cheerful and straightforward personality. In “Riding on a Unicorn,” she plays a career woman. I am looking forward to seeing how Ms. Nagano plays the role of a cool working woman.

“Riding on a Unicorn” is not the only summer drama of note. The summer dramas of “Kiketsu no Kantei” (Fuji TV), “Magical Renovation” (Fuji TV), “Tutor Trako” (NTV), “Ishiko to Habu Otoko – Kono Koto de Koto de Sue Desu Shitamasu? (TBS), “Boku no Suki na Tsuma! (Fuji).

The leading roles in the above dramas are played by actresses including Anne (36), Haru (30), Ai Hashimoto (26), Masumi Arimura (29), and Nanako Momota (27).

One of the characteristics is that many of the films feature working women as protagonists. Riding the Unicorn” is one of them. In “Kankoku no Keeper,” Anne exposes corporate malfeasance as an examiner for the Fair Trade Commission, and in “Magical Renovation,” Haru plays a sales ace.

In “Ishiko to Hano” (Ishiko and Hano), Ms. Masumi Arimura plays a paralegal who failed the bar exam four times. She plays the role of a dropout who graduated from Tokyo University but failed to pass the exam in a humorous way,” says a source in the entertainment production industry.

Actresses show a different face in each of the dramas they appear in. What kind of performances will they give in their summer dramas?

In a summer drama, Arimura plays a woman who graduated from the University of Tokyo but is a dropout.
Anne in a kimono at a fashion event held at the famous Daikakuji temple in Kyoto, photographed in May 2002.
Ai Hashimoto out in unique fashion.
Haru shopping in Shibuya. In “Magical Renovation,” she plays a sales ace who makes a big mistake and is forced to leave the company.
In “My Darling Wife! Momota plays a newlywed couple in “My Darling Wife!” (Image: Afro)
Nagano plays a chick police officer in “Hakozume”.
Arimura plays a woman who graduated from Tokyo University but is a failure in a summer drama
After the stage greeting, Anzu went straight home to her children waiting for her.
Ai Hashimoto buys crepes during a break from work
Haru filming at the square in front of Ueno Station
  • Photography by Yuri Adachi, Yusuke Kondo

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