Kasumi Arimura’s Spotted Filming her New Drama at Shibuya Ward | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kasumi Arimura’s Spotted Filming her New Drama at Shibuya Ward

News scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! Harikomi24 <Sendagaya, 3:15 p.m.

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While the spring-cool drama season is just about to reach its climax, the summer-cool dramas are already steadily filming for broadcast. One afternoon in Sendagaya (Shibuya Ward), witnessed the filming of “Ishiko to Habu Otoko – Kono Koto de Sue Shitasu?” -(TBS), which is scheduled to start airing in July.

Arimura, dressed in a beige jacket, was talking with a serious expression on her face. Her earnest performance is a highlight of the show.

“Ishiko is a paralegal who graduated from Tokyo University and failed the bar exam four times, and Habio is a lawyer who graduated from high school and passed the exam on the first try. It is double-starring Masumi Arimura (29) and Tomoya Nakamura (35), and is also attracting attention because Masashi Sada (70) will play Arimura’s father” (TV magazine writer).

On this day, Arimura was on location. She was wearing a suit and carrying a large bag that looked like it would hold a lot of documents, as if she were a lawyer. She was filming a scene where she was talking with a cell phone in one hand, looking surprised.

The film incorporates the common stories of the past few years, such as “failing the bar exam in a row and paralegal.” It is likely to gain attention in the following days.

A photo of Masumi Arimura, who is filming the drama “Ishiko to Habu Otoko – Kono Koto de Sue shimasu desu ka?”
From theJune10, 2022issue ofFRIDAY
  • PHOTO. Tetsuo Tabata

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