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AV Director Moroaki : “It’s More Erotic Video than a Youtuber Video!”

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AV director, also. After working as a fashion photographer and a happening bar clerk, she made her debut as an AV director at the age of 28. He produces a rich variety of works centered on the nipple genre.

AV I think young people should become AV directors, not YouTube stars, because it’s so easy to make money with such simple images. I think young people should become porn directors instead of YouTube stars.

Says Samari, 36, an adult film director. In an industry where the average age is over 40, he is one of the most promising young adult film directors in the industry.

He has created a variety of works centered on the genre of “nipple porn,” in which a woman blames a man’s nipples, and has received tremendous support from viewers with an “M-male” mindset, who have said, “The realism of the scenes is very graphic” and “It’s very graphic.

As a freelance porn director, he discloses behind-the-scenes details of his shoots mainly on SNS, and is now the hottest “erotic creator” supported by various age groups.

He devotes himself to the production of his works with an unusual level of attention to detail. He says that his origin lies in an experience he had when he was a student.

When I was in high school, I went to a fashion school. All my classmates were girls except me. Normally, I would have thought, ‘This is a harem, and it’s great! But in my case, one day the girls in my class suddenly said to me, “We’ve decided to treat you as a friend,” and after that day, they stopped treating me like a man. During physical education, everyone changed in front of me, and I was just considered a convenient baggage handler (laughs).

Although he graduated from a fashion school, he did not pursue a career in fashion.

He became a fashion photographer in France after entering the workforce. At work, I also photographed nudes, and I gradually realized the depth of the theme of “eroticism. But I didn’t say to myself, “Well, let’s take nude photos! I didn’t think so. When I saw a Chinese nude photographer named Ren Han, I felt that I couldn’t be any cooler. Even though “sex” is taboo in China, I felt that I couldn’t compete with him who still took nude photos.

I felt that I had lost the theme I wanted to pursue as a photographer. He then returned to Japan, and what he had mastered was not his skill as a photographer.

I got tired of France, so I returned to Japan and worked at a happening bar while working as a photographer, and I looked for other jobs related to eroticism. But I couldn’t make a living on that alone, so my girlfriend had to support me (laughs). (laugh) At the age of 26, I recorded my daily conversations with my girlfriend on my voice recorder and studied what to say to make her happy, what to say to make her angry, etc. For the next three years, I worked as a “professional” in the field of eroticism. For the next three years, I was a “professional pimp” and she supported me. ……

Debut as an adult film director

Later, when he was 28 years old, he started working for an adult film company. At first, however, his films did not sell at all.

AV. There are three ways to become a director: belonging to a manufacturer, going freelance, or starting your own company. I belonged to a company because the environment was better and I could make films on a regular basis. Most young people who are just starting out work in this way. At first, I was taking pictures in response to requests to make a humiliation film, but they didn’t sell at all. I was even told by the company president that I had no talent and should quit.

Unlike film directors, there are no artistic awards or recognition in this simple industry, which is based solely on the sales of one’s work. This comment made Samaari feel a sense of crisis, and he began shooting films with the theme of “M-men,” which is his own sexual preference. Since then, he says, sales have been on a steady rise.

He says, “I started to plan a strategy to establish the “Samoari brand” in the nipple genre, which is an easy genre for the lightweight demographic to choose. First of all, I thought it would be a good idea to make full use of SNS I started by creating 20 “backstage” accounts in addition to my own Twitter account. I started by creating 20 other accounts in addition to my Twitter account. I started by creating 20 I started tweeting “Samoarimono nipple stuff is the best” and “Samoarimono nipple stuff is the only way to win” and so on in those 20 backstage accounts.

The rest is easy because people who see my tweets on my backstage will see my works and spread the word. I noticed that I had over 30,000 followers… I guess the hard work I did while I was a pimp really paid off.

Wanting to shoot only what he wanted to shoot, he quit the company he worked for and chose to become a freelance porn director. There, too, he devised a plan.

I was happy to go freelance, but I still needed money to do what I wanted to do. So I thought about what I should do to generate money, and I decided to make the most of SNS. I decided to use social networking sites to generate money. Then I happened to find a brothel named after my work on Twitter. I found it on Twitter. Moreover, the brothel was a very big group in the industry. I thought this was a good chance and sent a DM to the president of the group I sent a DM to the president of the group. I gave a lecture on how to use SNS to the girls in the sex industry. I earned enough money to freely create my own works.

There is also the possibility of becoming a freelancer and producing popular works. We asked her about her passion for filming on location and the atmosphere she creates on location when creating her works.

I try to create a cheerful atmosphere on set, like at an all-girls’ school festival. The most important thing is that the actresses look like they are having fun. I try to make the girls excited. For example, the costumes are popular among girls, such as “Supureme DIESEL and “sacai We have a dressing room full of clothes from “Supureme,” “Diesel,” “sacai,” etc., which are popular with the girls, and let them choose as they like. I shoot about 120 films a year. It’s not easy because we shoot about 120 films a year, so it costs a lot of money for costumes (laughs).

We have manicurists and stylists on the filming team to make sure we look our cutest. Some people say, “Well, it doesn’t matter because they take their clothes off right away,” but that’s not the way I think about it. In my films, I don’t make the actresses take off their clothes. That is a man’s desire, and I have the actresses take off their clothes when they want to.

Samari, who produces more than 120 films a year and continues to communicate on SNS himself, boasts 82,000 followers, an unprecedented number for an adult film director. However, he still has ambitions.

One is to create a maker overseas. I’ve never heard of an AV I want to be a pioneer, because I have never heard of an AV director who has gone overseas. I would be happy if more young people want to become AV directors. Secondly, I would like to see more young people become AV directors, because AV is one of the easiest media to make, and you can create the images you want. In terms of salary, my monthly income has increased 30-fold since the month after I went freelance from a manufacturer. I have a dream. As far as I know, there is nothing like this kind of freedom and earning potential, so I would be happy if young people would come into this world.

With his eternal and immortal erotic spirit as a erotic master of 2025, director Samari will continue to shoot pornography.

  • Photo Hiroyuki Komatsu Interview and text by Himotaro Machida

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