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The Top 5 “Supreme Hamburgers” in the Tokyo from 900,000 Meals!

A classic, but now booming!

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Did you know that the classic side dish “hamburger steak” has been evolving at an amazing rate recently? With the increase of new types of restaurants and frozen foods that can be easily eaten at home, there are more opportunities to eat hamburgers without having to make them at home.

The JAPAN MENU AWARD, a gourmet award hosted by the gourmet community app SARAH, is SARAH’s own award that recognizes the best dish for each menu item, such as curry, hamburger steak, and yakitori, rather than choosing the best restaurant. A panel of Japan’s top judges, including celebrities well versed in each menu genre and enthusiasts who have visited more than 3,000 restaurants has been assembled to determine the most carefully selected dish in each category.

In this issue, we will introduce the top 5 evolutionary hamburgers available in the Tokyo metropolitan area, taken from the JAPAN MENU AWARD 2021, which was announced in January 2022.

(1)Aged meat hamburger steak with two kinds of sauces (UZU Main Branch / Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

Judging comments by Gourmet Master hamburger steak enthusiast Teppei Gotoh.

I came to UZU in Kinshicho to eat an aged meat hamburger steak.
The aged meat tastes amazing, no need for sauce!
You eat it with rock salt, which is not the same thing.
Osare… Now, I’m an osare.

UZU Main Store
2F MK Bldg. 3-9-9-9 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


(2)Hamburger steak (KAWAGOE / Shirako-cho, Chosei-gun, Chiba, Japan)

Comment by Teppei Goto, gourmet master hamburger steak enthusiast:

If you come to Shirako, you must try the hamburger steak at Kawagoe!
Thick and spicy!
It’s a big hamburger steak.

4369 Nakazato, Shirako-cho, Chosei-gun, Chiba


(3)Hamburger Steak (Callas / Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)

Gourmet Master Hamburger Steak Enthusiast Teppei Gotoh comments

Hamburg steak at Callas in Chitose Karasuyama
Hamburger steak served in a skillet.
I like it so much that I drink up all the sauce with a spoon!
It’s so comforting.

9-1-1 Kitakarasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


(4)Yakuzen lamb hamburger steak (Kashokuraku / Meguro-ku, Tokyo)

Gourmet Master Kazuyuki Matsushima, the best hamburger master in Japan, commented:

A lamb hamburger steak from “Kashokuraku,” a famous yakuzen curry restaurant in Nakameguro! A great burger with just the right amount of lamb flavor and a juicy, meaty finish!

2-42-13 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Lunch A (ahill ginza/Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Gourmet Master Kazukazu (Kazuyuki Matsushima), the best hamburger master in Japan, comments:

Baguette and pork rillette appeared about 5 minutes after ordering. …….. And Ahill’s specialty, hamburger steak with special foie gras!

A hamburger steak made of ground beef from A5-ranked Japanese black beef and brand-name pork mixed with foie gras!

The sauce on top is red wine vinegar-based sauce. Accompanied by pureed zucchini, young corn, and carrots.

The perfectly cooked foie gras hamburger steak, with its tender center, has an irresistible flavor as the patty and foie gras melt in your mouth at the same time!

The sweet and sour red wine vinegar-based sauce enhances the flavor even more!


Elegant lunch time in Ginza!

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere, and if you sit at the counter, you can enjoy watching the food being prepared right in front of you! The 2,000 yen lunch course was a great value for money!

Lunch A
8F, Belvia Building, 2-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Please try our JAPAN MENU AWARD-winning introduced here!

Cheese hamburger steak ranked first in the number of submissions by hamburger steak genre!

Finally, we would like to introduce the ranking of the number of submissions by hamburger steak genre, and the “FoodDataBank”, the big data analysis service operated by SARAH that is used by food manufacturers for marketing, product development and sales proposals to their customers. The popular “Stewed Hamburger Steak” and “Beef Stew Hamburger Steak” ranked high in the January through April rankings this year. The future switching of rankings is also noteworthy.


JAPAN MENU AWARD2021 can be viewed at the following link: https: //
SARAH service website:
Official Twitter: https: //
Official Instagram:

  • Composition SARAH Editorial Department

     The JAPAN MENU AWARD is SARAH's own gourmet award that recognizes the best dish for each menu item such as "curry," "hamburger steak," and "yakitori" rather than for each restaurant.

    A panel of Japan's top judges, led by SARAH masters, celebrities who are experts in each of Japan's top menu genres, and enthusiasts who have visited more than 3,000 restaurants, will come together to determine the most carefully selected dish in each category!

     The judges vote on three levels: ★★ Outstanding - I would go out of my way to try it; ★★ Excellent - I would go out of my way to eat it; and ★★ Delicious - It left a lasting impression on me.

     This year marks the 8th time the contest has been held since 2016, with the goal of helping users "find a delicious dish". Restaurants that offer winning dishes will receive a commemorative plaque to display at their restaurants. This year, we have newly established the Soba, Tantanmen, and Curry Bread categories as new trendy genres.

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