Fans rejoice at Rena Sumi’s “Too neat and clean white one-piece report with Anna Hisashiro”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Rena Sumi’s “Too neat and clean white one-piece report with Anna Hisashiro”!

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Freelance announcer Reina Sumi has been creating a buzz by reporting on her Instagram account that she is appearing on a certain TV show in “a too neat white sleeveless one-piece dress.

Washimi is famous for reporting on Instagram every time she is exposed on TV. As an influencer with 780,000 followers, her posts are sure to be highly effective in promoting the show. This kind of diligence is probably the reason why she continues to be selected.

So, what kind of program did she appear on this time?

As usual, Sumi reports on her appearances on TV programs (from her Instagram @sumi_reina)

I appeared on “Sanma Goten” tonight. The recording was over in a flash as we were laughing…” (from her own Instagram)

What a surprise, it seems she was on the very popular show again. She showed a photo of herself wearing a white, neat, sleeveless one-piece dress. Next to her, a woman wearing a red one-piece dress is also shown on …….

She said, “I recorded with Hisayo-san, a senior at the university who just became a freelancer. Her outfit is red and white!”

In fact, it seems that former Fuji Television’s Moemi Hisashiro, a senior at her university (Tokyo Metropolitan University), was also on Sanma Goten together with her.

Speaking of Hisashiro, it had become a topic of conversation that she had joined Yoshimoto after leaving Fuji Television. In the broadcast, Washimi revealed that Kushiro had told him that she wanted to meet him. In the end, they did not have a chance to meet, but the host Akashiya Sanma commented, “If we had met, I might have gone there (to St. Force, to which Washimi belongs),” and the place was filled with excitement.

Having established a relationship with her seniors, Washimi’s rapid progress should continue: ……!

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