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Big Boss” Tsuyoshi Shinjo and “Blonde Beauty” in love!

Will the Big Boss' usual style explode in the face of a direct interview? The man who has been making headlines in the baseball world with his out-of-the-box comments and leadership has a beautiful woman who is always right by his side, even when he is on a field trip. ......

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Big Boss and Mr. K walking through Haneda Airport in late May. Shinjo has the word “CONFIDENT” on his chest.

Haneda Airport’s domestic terminal (Ota-ku, Tokyo) was bustling with activity in late May, thanks to a recovery in demand for travel and business trips. When a flight from Sapporo arrived around 11:00 a.m., a strong man stood out among the crowd. He was wearing a black hat and had a sign on his chest that read, “CONFIDENT. CONFIDENT” written on his chest. He was wearing a black hoodie with the word “CONFIDENT” written across his chest. He was Tsuyoshi Shinjo, 50, manager of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.

It was a travel day to prepare for an interchange game against the Tokyo Yakult Swallows at Jingu Stadium in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. Right behind Shinjo was a beautiful blonde woman.

It has been more than two months since the opening of the season, but the “Big Boss Theatre” is still going on.

At the beginning, Shinjo’s performance was questionable, as he started a different pitcher in all nine of his starts, gave up a declared victory to a young Orix fielder, and chose to play Masataka Yoshida (28), one of the best hitters in baseball, who gave up the game-winning hit. However, the “Big Boss Effect” is steadily emerging, as young players selected for the job, such as Tsuyoshi Matsumoto (28) and Nakamasa Mannami (22), are playing well one after another, and Kotaro Kiyomiya (23), who was given a “diet order,” has two homers in one game,” said a reporter for a sports newspaper.

The “Big Boss Clause” is also attracting attention. When he won his first game in the sixth game of the season opener, he commented smugly, “I could have lost five more games. On the other hand, he was more optimistic about Kiyomiya, who made a baserunning error, saying, “If you keep making mistakes like that, you’ll never make it to the top of the order. Shinjo’s unpredictable leadership and comments have been making headlines in the baseball world.

Away from the baseball field, Shinjo keeps his own pace.

During the season, professional baseball teams basically travel together as a team and stay at the same hotel. When NIHAM travels on an expedition, it takes two separate flights and has a fixed place to stay in each region. However, only the Big Bosses get special treatment. Basically, he takes a separate plane or bullet train from the team, and stays at a different hotel from the team in many cases.

During Shinjo’s trip to Tokyo in late May for a game against Yakult, the beautiful woman mentioned above stayed with him at his regular hotel in the center of Tokyo. In the evening, she came to Jingu Stadium, checked in at the ticket window marked “baseball team invitation ticket,” and enjoyed watching the game at the stadium. When the game came to an end, she was led into the visitors’ clubhouse by a man who looked like an attendant. When the game was over, she, Shinjo, and Shinjo’s valet took the three of them in a courtesy car back to the hotel where they were staying. The relationship between her and Shinjo seems to have been officially approved by the baseball team.

After a heated game against the Chiba Lotte Marines at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba City in early May, Shinjo was sent to Sapporo Dome to play a game against Rakuten at the Sapporo Dome the following day, but he was not able to attend the game. The next day, Shinjo flew to Haneda Airport to catch a game against Rakuten at the Sapporo Dome. She was with him on that trip as well. After unloading their carry-ons from the car, Shinjo and his girlfriend disappeared into the premium members-only lounge to wait for their flight to Sapporo.

Who is this beautiful woman, whom even the baseball team admits is a member of the team? A friend of Shinjo’s told us, “She is a woman named Ms. K.

She is in her early thirties. She says she is ‘half German’ and used to be an aspiring dancer. They had been living together in a luxury apartment in Tokyo since before Shinjo became manager. When Mr. Shinjo took over as manager of Nichi-Ham, she moved to Sapporo with him.”

In official games, Shinjo has taken an aggressive stance, choosing to force a bunt even in a send-off situation and asking young players such as Kiyomiya to bat aggressively. However, it seems that the big boss was on the defensive when it came to his relationship with his girlfriend. A former acquaintance continues, “They met on Instagram.

I heard that they met on Instagram. Although she has already deleted her account, Ms. K was a famous person with about 120,000 followers on Instagram, even though she was an ordinary person. It seems that it was from her account that a message was sent to Shinjo. She repeatedly made an ardent approach to him, and Mr. Shinjo was pushed into a relationship with her. In fact, Shinjo is the type of person who is lonely and always wants to spend time with someone. They have been dating for a reasonable period of time, and I think there is a good chance that they will “make it to the finish line.

In late May, we visited Shinjo at Haneda Airport to ask him about his relationship with his girlfriend.

Here’s Friday, Shinjo-san.


-I would like to ask you about your relationship with Ms. K. ……


No matter how many times the reporter called out to him, Shinjo did not look aside and walked into the boarding gate. Immediately afterwards, Shinjo updated his Instagram, revealing that he had been interviewed directly by this magazine.

It is a pity that we did not get to hear the “Big Boss’s” speech, but we are sure that Shinjo will continue to make headlines both in baseball and in his private life.

Shinjo and Mr. K getting out of the car at Haneda Airport in early May. He and his valet waved smilingly at the driver.
A reporter from this magazine directly interviewed Shinjo. He was wearing a black hoodie with “CONFIDENT” written on it.
Mr. K accepting a request at Jingu Stadium.
Mr. K checking in at Shinjo’s regular inn.
Big Boss walking through New Chitose Airport with his valet

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