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Gershi-ch, Yoshikazu Azumaya, Running for the House of Councillors, but Why the Media is Turning Away from Him

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Mr. Yoshikazu Higashitani, aka Garcy, held a press conference on May 30 to announce his candidacy. He said it would be the first and last time he would wear a necktie… (from his official YouTube channel)

The emergence of “expose-type” YouTubers, who reveal the real names of celebrities, has caused an uproar in the entertainment industry.

The first targets were male actors and celebrities. Needless to say, there were dozens of them, and they and their agencies were horrified.

The names of actors such as Ken Watabe, Yu Shirota, and Masasuke Nitta were exposed one after another, and Shirota’s work was also affected, as he lost a commercial in which he had appeared. What will happen to the entertainment industry if the actors named on the list are exposed to negative behind-the-scenes stories in the future?

If there were to be a series of cancelled commercials and actors dropping out of dramas and programs, “television would cease to exist…” Many people involved in the industry would be concerned. Many people involved in the industry may have such fears.

Attention to the “Garcy Channel” rose dramatically. The number of views of each video easily exceeded 1 million, and the number of subscribers to the channel quickly surpassed 1 million. Three months have passed since the channel was launched, and the number of subscribers remains at over 1.2 million.

Now, three months after the channel’s launch, it has more than 1.2 million subscribers. He wants to be a member of the Diet.

I’m tempted to say, “Really?

but this is no joke. He announced on his YouTube channel that he has decided to run for the House of Councillors this summer, and held an online press conference on May 30.

I started YouTube to take revenge on the entertainers who turned their backs on me and left me once they found out I was a “con man,” even though I had taken care of them so well, and to use the proceeds to pay back the victims of my deception,” he said. But he seems to have changed direction. But why did he decide to become a politician again?

For a while, weekly magazines and other media outlets were all over the story, but recently we have seen less and less news about Garcie, with only some evening newspapers and the Internet media picking up the story.

Higashitani seems to think that this is because of pressure exerted by the entertainment agencies he is attacking or politicians who are related to those agencies, or because of the media’s discovery. He also seems to believe that the police are trying to arrest him, and that the entertainment agencies and politicians are colluding to influence the police to do so.

I want to become a member of the Diet and move the media in the opposite direction. He wants to change the entertainment industry.

He also believes that if he becomes a Diet member, he will not be arrested because he has “non-arrest privileges” and will be able to return to Japan with his head held high. This, he says, is the main reason why he wants to become a member of the Diet.

It is true that the number of media covering news about Garcie is decreasing. A sports newspaper reporter explains the reason for this.

Mr. Azumaya seems to be angry that the media did not pick up the story of Tsuyoshi Ayano’s revelation about seven years ago that he had “drunk and whored himself with an underage girl. I think some did, but since there has been no reaction from Ayano’s side since then, there is no way to report it.

He is also angry that the president of Ayano’s firm, Tri-Stone, is ignoring him, and he has exposed the president and the inner workings of the firm, but he is not a well-known person to the public, so readers are not interested. It’s about the lack of need before publicity or social awareness.”

As for television.

There are so many uncertainties. It is difficult to handle the case of Tsuyoshi Ayano on TV unless the police are actually involved, or at the very least, a weekly or sports paper reports it extensively. Even then, it is unlikely to get the numbers (viewer ratings), so it is unlikely to make the news lineup.

Also, the fact that he is shouting abuse in an attack on an individual, even a celebrity, and saying that he will expose other unrelated celebrities if they ignore him, is very gray behavior, and the police may get a glare from him. We don’t want to get in trouble if we deal with him too easily and get caught in the middle of it,” said a staff member of a wide-ranging TV show.

Although some online news outlets have reported on Gershie, the number of views on the channel has been decreasing compared to when the channel was launched.

In addition, the media has recently focused on shooting at “Tsuyoshi Ayano” and “Tristone’s president,” and the lack of original “exposés” is another reason why the media has moved away from the channel. This is one of the reasons why the press has stayed away.

He said, “Although we have mentioned the names of so many actors and TV personalities, only a few of them have actually revealed their back stories, and the stories of the same people keep coming out. And if you were expecting a “bomb” to be dropped, the fact that it was not that big a bomb may have been the cause of the decline in the high “mass media viewership” ratings. Recently, it was announced that they are going to enter the “female celebrity section” and that they will drop a big bomb in the near future, so I think it will attract attention again.

As he had expected, the media, including some sports papers and the Internet media, picked up on his announcement that he was running for election. However, the only major media outlets that asked questions at the press conference were “Asahi Shimbun” and “Nico Nico Douga.

The only “media” that packed the press conference room were said to be those two companies. Who were the other people asking questions? It was a press conference that left a mystery,” said a reporter from the society department of a national newspaper.

Will he win the election and become a member of the Diet or the leader of a national political party? I can’t see how our lives will improve if we vote for Garcie.

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    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Hiroyuki Sasaki became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31, reporting numerous scoops during his time with FRIDAY and later working mainly for the weekly magazine. Currently he also appears on TV and radio as a commentator.

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