Fans were thrilled to see Yoko Kumada “as a traffic duty mom in a mask”…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans were thrilled to see Yoko Kumada “as a traffic duty mom in a mask”…!

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Actress and model Yoko Kumada’s “traffic duty report post” is attracting attention for being too beautiful. Fans seem to be in an uproar at the sight of a top celebrity as a “mom.

Kumada reported on Instagram, “Good morning, I’ve been on traffic duty. She is wearing a “mommy-like” outfit with a candy pattern and a fluorescent safety vest. She wears a white mask, but her beauty is clearly visible. Her crisp eyes are very impressive.

Imagine if Yoko Kumada were on traffic duty… it might make you a little happy!

The weather that day was not so good. It’s raining today, and it’s a little chilly after being hot yesterday. I hope you don’t catch a cold. By the way, he said, “The #yellow vest is my own.

Kumada, who was born in 1982 and just celebrated her 40th birthday last month, also released her latest image DVD “Goddess Body” on May 27. She also frequently shows videos of her pole dancing on her Instagram, and she has been working out a lot.

In her private life, she married a civilian man in 2012 and gave birth to her first daughter in the same year, her second daughter in 2015, and her third daughter in 2018. It is often said on the Internet that she doesn’t look like a mother of three, but many fans must have been relieved to see her “working” at each school in this way.

This post was met with a lot of comments such as “Yoko-san is always wonderful even though she is so busy,” “What a rarity! I’d probably drive in a blind eye if Yoko-chan were here.

Kumada is balancing work and child-rearing well. I’m sure her fans will be blown away by her appearance!

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