Fans rejoice at Rena Sumi’s “angelic smile in a bold white frilly shirt! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Rena Sumi’s “angelic smile in a bold white frilly shirt!

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Freelance announcer Rena Sumi has been attracting a lot of attention after she revealed her “too cute bad face” on her Instagram account. Comments flooded in praising her, such as “the smile from her bad face,” “she is the most beautiful,” and “she is beautiful.”

On this day, Washimi published a photo of herself wearing a white shirt and red pants. She is making a circle with both hands, but what does this mean?

The bold use of red and white is another point of interest! (From her Instagram @sumi_reina)

Tonight’s Donut Talk is a bit rough (hence the bad face). Our guest is Taku Suzuki! It’s on TBS tonight at 11:30pm” (from Sumi’s instagram).

Apparently, Washimi was promoting “Donut Talk,” a CBC/TBS variety show in which she appears regularly.

In the program, actress Miki Mizuno, announcer Reina Sumi, comedian Hiko Lohi, and artist PORIN, all of different ages and genres, talk about donuts. The four of them will engage in donut talk.”

In the episode in which Suzuki appeared as a guest, Washimi told an episode in which she said, “When I was interviewed, people rather often say, ‘My image was different in a good way,’ but I wonder what kind of bad image they had of me. Suzuki laughed and said, “It’s the image of a high-flying person, isn’t it?

Whether or not she actually had an image of a high spirited person, it is true that since becoming a freelancer, many people feel that Washimi has peeled off her skin and become more cheerful.

She used to have a strong image as an exclusive sports TV personality, but recently she has been expanding her activities to include not only sports-related programs, which is her forte, but also information programs, variety shows, and so on. The release of her photo book has also attracted attention. We can’t take our eyes off of Washimi any longer at ……!

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