Masaki Okada’s train date with Yui Suzuki, a Fuji announcer, gives a sense of “marriage-seconds-reading”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masaki Okada’s train date with Yui Suzuki, a Fuji announcer, gives a sense of “marriage-seconds-reading”.

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Masaki Okada and Yui Suzuki, an announcer at Fuji Television Network, on a friendly drive date (’21).

The latest issue of “FLASH” reports on a date between actor Masaki Okada and Yui Suzuki, an announcer at Fuji Television Network, with whom he is dating. The fact that the two were photographed on a train makes the story even more controversial.

The two were first reported to be dating in June of ’21, when FRIDAY scooped their nest egg love affair at the Corona Disaster.

This time, they were photographed getting along in the Odakyu train. They were so natural together that there are even rumors on the Internet that they were photographed together again.

Either way, there seems to be no doubt that their relationship is going well. So, what is interesting is the future of the two….

When their love affair was first reported, Fuji Television covered the news of their relationship on “Mezamashi 8. It was an unusual treatment, since Fuji Television had basically ignored reports of dating reports on its own female announcers until now, not to mention their marriages and engagements.

It is said that the reason why they dared to report the love affair between Suzuki and Okada was because of the “stealth allegations” against female announcers who were reported at the same time. She was not named in the report, and the station may have wanted to divert attention away from her love affair with a popular actor…” (Wide show insider)

The “stigma allegation” named by the station’s members included Mezamashi TV announcer Kiyoka Inoue, Yurika Mita, the face of the “night news,” and Akiko Kuji, who left the station in April of this year. The head of the announcements department at the time, by the way, was the head of the news department. Incidentally, the then head of the announcements department left early in March 2010, although it is not clear whether this was the reason or not.

It is true that Fuji Television may have dared to report the allegations in order to divert attention away from the stigma allegations, but it is more than that. But it is Okada-san who is probably more concerned about the impact of the passionate love affair report. He belongs to a major entertainment agency, and it is hard to believe that Fuji would have reported it on its own. As long as it is handled in the program, of course they must have obtained the OK from his office.

This means that at this point, Okada-san’s side had also decided that it was okay for the story to be publicized to some extent. In other words, their relationship is quite serious.

It is said that Okada’s image rather improved when the report of her relationship with Suzuki came out. This is probably because Suzuki is perceived as solid and serious among the many flamboyant female announcers at Fuji Television.

The two even went so far as to date in public on a train. The “goal line” may be just around the corner!

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