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Avril, Ben… International super celebrities “at the scene of a different level of passionate lovemaking”!

The passionate love shots across the ocean are so much richer!

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Avril Lavigne pressing for a kiss in a convertible

Mod Sun (35) ♥ Avril Lavigne (37)

Mod Sun (35) ♥ Avril Lavigne (37)

Last February, a flamboyant couple enjoyed a Valentine’s Day date in a convertible parked in the wilderness. The one who was covering her boyfriend and sucking on his lips as if she was devouring him was singer Avril Lavigne (37).

The other is Mod Sun (35), an up-and-coming punk rocker. International celebrity writer Haranishi Harakika reveals, “The current trend among celebrity women around the world is to look for a woman with a strong sense of humor and a strong sense of humor.

The popularity of wild men with tattoos all over their bodies is increasing among celebrity women all over the world. This trend has been growing since around 2006, when comedian Pete Davidson (28) won the heart of Ariana Grande (28), the world’s leading diva.

The two were seen kissing at music festivals and other public events. They announced their engagement in April of this year. It was a speedy marriage after just one year of dating.

Kourtney Kardashian, 43, a businesswoman, is one of them. Her boyfriend is Travis Barker (46), a punk rocker covered in tattoos. They visited a resort in northwestern Italy, rented a boat, and immediately started making out on board. Courtney’s mini-skirt was so hot that her ass was exposed, but she didn’t care. As one would expect from a super celebrity. The lovey-dovey shots are also very intense.

Of course, there is also a more sedate love. Ben Affleck (49)’s eyes were full of affection as he watched Jennifer Lopez (52), who got engaged again after 20 years, swing. Billy Irish (20) and actor Matthew T. Bose (30) nurtured their love with a date to walk their dog.

This range, mmmm, fantastic!

Travis Barker (46) ♥ Kourtney Kardashian (43)

Travis Barker (46) ♥ Kourtney Kardashian (43) During their trip to Italy, the two were in hot pursuit of each other everywhere, including restaurants and beaches. They got married in Las Vegas in April this year.

Ben Affleck (49) ♥ Jennifer Lopez (52)

Ben Affleck (49) ♥ Jennifer Lopez (52) They got engaged once in ’02 but broke up. However, they got back together last year after Jenni Lopez’s heartbreak. Announced her second engagement in April this year.

Pete Davidson (28) ♥ Kim Kardashian (41)

Pete Davidson (28) ♥ Kim Kardashian (41) Their relationship was discovered during the divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Kanye West (44). They had a rocky start, but so far their relationship is going well.

Matthew T. Bose (30) ♥ Billy Irish (20)

Matthew T. Bose (30) ♥ Billie Eilish (20) The next generation diva’s boyfriend is a handsome actor 10 years older than her. They have been spotted near her home and seem to be quietly making love.

Yasin Stein ♥ Lily-Rose Depp (22)

Yasin Stein ♥ Lily-Rose Depp (22) The French rapper won the daughter of Johnny Depp (58). She is so hot that she can’t resist kissing him while shopping.

Tom Holland (25) ♥ Zendaya (25)

Tom Holland (25) ♥ Zendaya (25) Tom Holland and Zendaya are wearing matching outfits as they watch an ice hockey game. They are also in love in real life after working together in the “Spider-Man” series.

Jake Bongiovi (19) ♥ Millie Bobby Brown (18)

Jake Bongiovi (19) ♥ Millie Bobby Brown (18) First romance for the son of Jon Bon Jovi (60). His partner is a beautiful actress with a cult following among teens around the world.

Michael B. Jordan (35) ♥ Lori Harvey (25)

Michael B. Jordan (35) ♥ Lori Harvey (25) ‘The hottie who was voted “Sexiest Man Alive” by “People” magazine in 2008 looks sexy on vacation with a popular model.

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