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Kei Komuro’s “good-at-work” profile shows her ability to make a living

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Kei Komuro is returning to Japan after a long absence. However, there have been a series of allegations against him…

Kei Komuro is expected to live in the U.S. after his marriage to Princess Mako. He is expected to live in the U.S. with Mako after their marriage.

Company L (pseudonym) is an American law firm with a total of five offices in New York and Washington DC.

According to Mr. Komuro’s profile, he is enrolled in the New York office. The results of the bar exam will be out by mid-December, but in anticipation of passing the exam, he is listed as a “Law Clerk” and is registered as a “Legal Assistant. Since Mr. Komuro’s phone number and e-mail address have already been disclosed, I wonder if he is ready to start work immediately.

Of particular interest is the public profile of Mr. Komuro posted by Company L. Converted into Japanese, it reads

Kei advises entrepreneurs, startups, and investors on venture capital financing, mergers and acquisitions, entity formation, and general corporate matters. He has worked for both a law firm and a foreign exchange bank in Tokyo, where he represented an accredited securities broker, provided loan and foreign exchange services to foreign corporate clients, and prepared financial analyses.

Kei is fluent in Japanese.

“At first glance, he seems to be a lawyer with a strong background in business and economics. At first glance, he seems to be a lawyer with a strong background in business and economics, but some people on the Internet are ridiculing him, saying that his background is too much.

However, he won the second prize in the essay contest for his essay on “How to solve the problems faced by crowdfunding,” so he must be really good. His decision to marry Princess Mako was probably made in anticipation of his employment at this firm, and because he was able to secure a secure living.

On the other hand, there is no appeal to her as “Mako’s fiancée” or “Mako’s marriage partner,” as was reported by some.

While opposition to the marriage still rises throughout Japan, Mr. Komuro is scheduled to return to Japan and hold a press conference with Princess Mako after a certain period of isolation. However, when FNN interviewed Mr. Komuro in New York, he was wearing earphones, had his hands in his pockets, and walked briskly away from the reporter’s questions.

“She didn’t look like she was opening her heart to the Japanese people, and some people wondered if she was really going to hold a press conference with this attitude. However, the fact that her profile became a topic of conversation at the same time as the news of Mako’s non-payment of the lump sum and her return to Japan makes me wonder if there is some kind of agenda.

At present, he is treated as a “legal assistant” because he has not yet passed the bar exam, but once he passes the exam and becomes qualified, he will probably be listed as a “lawyer. If this is the case, the office where Mr. Komuro was employed could realistically earn more than 20 million yen a year,” said an Imperial Household journalist.

In addition to his mother’s financial troubles, Mr. Komuro has also been under scrutiny for his “allegedly false resume” and “allegedly fraudulent student visa. However, I can almost see him strutting confidently down the streets of New York, his dream becoming a reality…

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