Nanao’s “Tight body revealed in black swimsuit” shows her amazing confidence. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nanao’s “Tight body revealed in black swimsuit” shows her amazing confidence.

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Actress and model Nanao shows “too paradisiacal in a black swimsuit” on her Instagram account. Her professionalism is attracting a lot of attention.

This is Nanao when she appeared at a Bulgari event last year (AFLO)

Nanao released a video taken on a boat. She is wearing a beige cap, sunglasses, and a black bikini. It seems that Nanao was enjoying the sea breeze while sitting on the boat in gymnastics. In the middle of the video, she turns to the camera and smiles a couple of times, but she looks so beautiful that we can’t help but get a kick out of it. It’s too refreshing a video to herald the arrival of summer!

Nanao is gaining more and more attention each year. In the movie “Jigoku no Hanazono” released last June, she played the difficult role of a yankee office worker with great skill. The Sunday drama “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Room” (TBS), in which she played the role of a skilled nurse, was also a big hit. The average household rating for the last episode was an astounding 19.5% (Kanto region, according to Video Research), and a film version is scheduled to be released in 2022 due to its popularity.

Nanao is highly popular among women, having been inducted into the “Women’s Choice Ideal Body” Hall of Fame after winning the top spot for five consecutive years. Recently, she has also been attracting attention from overseas. Last spring, she was selected by Giorgio Armani as one of 14 women from all over the world who are “elegant and independent in various fields” in his “Crossroads Project.

In the video released this time, showing off her toned body to the fullest, she exudes confidence. This confidence is the secret of her strength and popularity. Nanao inspires viewers to “work hard. What kind of activities will she show us this year? We can’t take our eyes off of Nanao any longer. ……!

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