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The Special Background of the Morning Drama “Chimudotsu” as a Representative Work of a “Scum Actor”.

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Ryusei’s brother is a backstabbing, no-good guy who does everything he can (Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro)

Ryusei Ryo (29) has been the talk of the town as the number one “scum” in the history of morning dramas. 29 (Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro)

…… It may be a misnomer to say that Ryo Ryusei is a “scab. The reason he is a “bum” is because of his role in the current NHK serial TV novel “Chimudo-don,” in which Ryo Ryusei plays the main character. Nee-nee. and his older brother, Kenshu Higa.

The main character, Nobuko Higa (Yuna Kuroshima, from Okinawa, Japan) 25 The film depicts how Nobuko Higa (Yuna Kuroshima, 25), the main character from Okinawa, goes to Tokyo to promote Okinawan cuisine. The only thing standing in her way is Nobuko’s no-good brother, played by Ryusei Ryo. He is the most kind-hearted and family-oriented of all, but he has a bad behavior.

He is always on the go without doing much work, trying to solve everything by brute force, causing trouble, and getting caught up in shady investment schemes, causing trouble for the family. He even tries to cheat the parents of his sister’s fiancée out of their money. Some even said, “Even Ryusei Ryo, the actor who plays Neeny, is starting to dislike him.

However, this criticism of Neeny is proof that Ryusei Ryo’s performance is that good. Ryusei has been highly acclaimed for his strong acting, which is a bit of a gap from his appearance. However, he did not start out as the unique actor he is today. It seems that there was a major turning point before he reached his current position.

Lagging behind in a generation rich in gems: ……

As you can see at a glance, Ryusei Ryo is what you might call a good-looking guy. Height 183cm and has a model-like figure, so he doesn’t have to play a bum like Neeny. …… You’d think he’d be a good looking guy. ( LOL! ) . In fact, it is 16 In fact, after being scouted at the age of 16, she was quickly chosen to appear in high-profile dramas and movies.

13 In 1964, he was chosen to be a hero in the Sentai series, which is said to be a gateway to success for good-looking actors, and he must have had confidence that he would be good looking. The popular drama revival of GTO (GTO), a revival of the popular drama series. 14 years When it was decided that she would appear in “GTO” (14 years, Kansai TV, Fuji TV), a revival of the popular drama series, she boldly stated that her “goal is to go around the world” and gave off a very bullish aura.)

However, this generation had an abundance of exceptional talent. Kento Yamazaki ( 27 ), Sota Fukushi ( 29 ), Masaki Sugata ( 29 (29), Ryoma Takeuchi ( 29 (29), Masaki Sugata (29), Ryoma Takeuchi (29) …… . Among them, Ryusei is too orthodox and falls behind somewhat.

He probably felt that he couldn’t go on like this. He gradually took up the challenge of playing outlandish roles and becoming a third actor. This change of direction was a great success. He began to distinguish himself as a good-looking man who could play anything, and he was cast in “Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju” ( 18 In 1985, he was cast in (18 years, NHK) and “Metropolitan Suisho! (2006, NHK Sogo) and “Tokyo Suisho! ~(1919) and “Tokyo Suisho! (19 MBS, TBS (MBS, TBS (MBS, TBS) and other high-profile productions.

And now, Kuzu Ni Ni. This left a strong impact on morning drama fans. It will probably become Ryusei’s masterpiece. But the reason why people love him so much despite being a bum is because of his fresh appearance. The character would not have been possible without Ryusei.

It seems likely that Kenju will use his expertise in taking care of pigs to make a comeback in the pig farming business. Ever since he was a child, Kenshu has had the ambition of “becoming the first star of Okinawa. Will Ryusei also be able to become the star of his generation, a latecomer among the crowd of actors of the same generation? We will keep an eye on him as well as the future of Ninnie.

  • Interview and text by Nanako

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  • Photo Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro

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