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The Mystery of the Unexplained Death of “Don Juan of Ikebukuro” with Assets of 1.8 Billion Yen

A man who made his fortune in the soapland and real estate business and was affectionately known as "Chairman" suddenly passed away, leaving behind a wife 55 years younger than him.

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Mr. O sharing a meal with his own daughter about 30 years ago. Just before his death, only a few people had access to Mr. O.

The death of a wealthy man is causing a stir among those involved in the business in Ikebukuro.

Mr. K.O. (86 years old), based in Ikebukuro, amassed a fortune through soapland management and real estate business, amassing total assets of 1.8 billion yen. Known in the area as “Chairman,” he used a coffee shop at the west exit of Ikebukuro as his office, where he exchanged sales proceeds and lent and borrowed money in person in front of ordinary customers. Although he owned luxury cars, Rolexes, and other money-making items, he was exclusively interested in “women. Even though he was over 80 years old, he was still “active” in the business, so it is safe to say that he was the “Don Juan of Ikebukuro.

Don Juan’s body was found in his apartment in Ikebukuro in early March. An acquaintance who had met Don Juan until two weeks before his death said, “Until January of this year, Don Juan was a bit of a dandy.

A friend who had seen him until two weeks before his death said, “Until January this year, he was a little unsteady on his feet, but he was in good spirits. By the end of February, he was so wobbly that he couldn’t go outside without an escort. He was old, but I was surprised at how suddenly he weakened. ……

Don Juan shared his life with his wife, 31, who was 55 years younger than him, and his wife’s two stepchildren.’ Mr. O. and his wife, who had been married for 19 years, met at a restaurant he frequented. People assumed it was one of the chairman’s usual womanizing activities, but that was not the end of the story.

I don’t think he intended to marry her, but he told me, ‘I’m so upset that they brought my parents right away,'” said Mr. O. “And then, before I knew it, they were registered. Then, before I knew it, they were registered as a couple.

Don Juan’s death is a mystery because he had one biological child with his ex-wife. His daughter, who lives in central Tokyo and is older than his current wife, was never informed of her father’s death.

She said, “I didn’t know that my father had passed away or that he was cremated right away. I finally heard about it from someone more than a month after he passed away. In the first place, my father did not tell me anything about his marriage to his current wife at the time. I still don’t know the cause of death, the circumstances of his death, or where my father’s bones are now,” said Mr. O’s daughter.

He died suddenly, leaving his wife behind. The death of “Don Juan of Ikebukuro” has left many questions unanswered. The police investigation is still awaiting further progress.

From the June 10, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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