Fans are thrilled with Rena Sumi’s “too bold blue sleeveless outfit! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans are thrilled with Rena Sumi’s “too bold blue sleeveless outfit!

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The “blue sleeveless outfit” that freelance announcer Rena Sumi revealed on her Instagram account has been attracting a lot of attention. Comments flooded in with praise, such as “The outfit looks great on her,” “She’s too cute,” “Stylish,” and “So cute!

The photo Washimi published was taken in front of a pharmacy. She is wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and a long denim skirt, and her hands are raised diagonally to the right as she faces the photo. At the tips of her fingers are the words “SUGI DRUG. The name of the store is similar to her own family name, but why did she visit it?

She looks great no matter where she poses…!

Chant! The program will be on the air soon. This time, we will sneak into Sugi Pharmacy for the Vinegar Activity Corner” (from Washimi’s Instagram).

Apparently, Washimi was visiting for the filming of a program she is appearing in. Washimi was apparently filming for a program she is appearing in on CBC Television’s “Chant! for the three Tokai prefectures on CBC TV. Vinegar Life” on CBC TV’s Tokai 3-prefecture information program “Chant!

Reina Sumi, a new housewife, learns how to use vinegar in a delicious and fun way from people who lead a happy life with vinegar. (From the program’s official website)

This is why we came to Sugi Pharmacy, a pharmacy chain headquartered in Aichi. For Washimi, a native of Gifu City, the pharmacy was a familiar place.

I’ve been going there since I was little, so I felt nostalgic. The store was very spacious, and I was tempted to buy all kinds of things. And in one corner of the store, there is a vinegar corner…? We’ll get to the secret of it!” (From Washimi’s Instagram)

Washimi has become a freelancer and continues to expand the scope of her activities. She is also in high demand in her hometown. We can’t seem to take our eyes off of Washimi any more. ……!

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