Gradol’s final confession…! The Sexual Victimization Crisis is Right Around the Corner! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gradol’s final confession…! The Sexual Victimization Crisis is Right Around the Corner!

Gradol Round Table Discussion 2: "If You Show Any Openings, They Will Take Advantage of You Immediately! The world of male desire

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Emma: “I had no one to talk to about it.

<Emma and Tamako Hina (both pseudonyms) are popular gravure models who entered the entertainment industry when they were scouted on the street, and have been appearing in the gravure pages of major magazines since their mid-teens, and have been active as Miss Cont finalists and image girls. These two women, who are well versed in the industry, talk about the truth of the gravure world, which is rife with evil spirits of rivers and mountains, in this special program. The theme of the second installment is “Gradol’s version of the sexual assault crisis that is just around the corner. >

Tamako: There is a big problem with directors and actors who have sex with actresses on the pretext of casting them, but there is something similar in the world of gravure. It is the unsuccessful girls who are working as freelancers who are targeted.

Emma: The girls who are in an office are protected by the office.

Tamako: One of my acquaintances was a victim just the other day. …… She is a kind of underground talent who works as an assistant on a late-night BS TV show, and she told a makeup artist she knows that a famous photographer would be coming to see her, which might lead to work. I was told by a make-up artist I know, “A famous photographer is coming, so you should definitely come. You should definitely come.” She invited me to a drinking party. I went, and the photographer invited me to a hotel with the obvious invitation, saying, “If you do it with me, you can get a page in a weekly magazine,” and I went along.

If I had done gravure for a magazine, I would know that photographers don’t have that kind of authority, but since she wasn’t a big seller at all, I believed her and went with her.

Emma: I guess they are going for that kind of girl.

Tamako :Yes, yes. And, of course, there was no way they would give me a gravure page, and I cried and said, “I don’t want to see you forever.

Emma: The image girl type is also in danger. One famous one is Producer A of a key station in Tokyo.

Tamako: Mr. A! He is very famous, isn’t he?

Emma: Mr. A is a dangerous man. The grand prix winners in the past have all been beaten.

Tamako: Recently, there has been an increase in the number of photographers who send DMs to freelance gravure girls on Instagram and ask them, “Would you like to release a DVD? Tamako: Recently, more and more photographers are sending DMs to freelance gravure girls on Instagram and asking them if they want to release a DVD.

Emma: I got one too (laughs). I didn’t want to be photographed by that person, so I turned it down.

Tamako: A friend of mine was also asked to do a DVD and photo book. The photographer said, “Let’s go on location together. The cameraman said, “These days, gravure shoots are not accompanied by a manager. We were discussing it, but then a friend of mine decided to form a business alliance with a medium-sized gravure agency, and as soon as the manager of the agency agreed to go along, I lost touch with the cameraman (laughs).

Emma: They were definitely going to do it, weren’t they?

Tamako: In a proper office, a manager would be with you 100% of the time for gravure shoots. There have always been people in the industry who take advantage of loopholes or gaps in the system.

Emma: There are photographers who won’t even let you wear a nipple or a front. They get angry and say, “We want to shoot realistic shots. It’s dangerous when a photographer and a grad student are alone on the set.

Tamako: This is a common occurrence, but if you are asked to wear an erotic swimsuit or pose in an erotic way for a photogravure shoot and you are reluctant, the photographer will say, “Famous actresses have already gone through this.

Emma: It’s a cliché. Masami Nagasawa started there, too.

Tamako: There are very few gravure actresses who went on to become actresses.

Emma: Not at all in my agency (laughs). Seriously, there were none.

Tamako: Gravure is mainly about shooting with the staff, so there are very few opportunities to work with girls from other agencies. It’s hard to make horizontal connections, so you can’t compare, and there is no one to ask for advice. So, you can’t help but be easily deceived. That’s the reason why people believe what bad adults tell them.

Emma: This is exactly the kind of crisis that is right around the corner.

*Continued in Part 3

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