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Many encouraging comments on Yoko Kumada’s “ring on her left ring finger” during divorce talks

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Yoko Kumada’s divorce issue is still smoldering. She did make an appearance at “Kansai Collection” but…

“I’m not sure if I should lighten my hair color.”

On September 22, the celebrity Yoko Kumada updated her Instagram. The video of her smiling with red hair got a lot of “likes”.

One thing that caught my attention was Kumada’s fingers playing with her bangs. In the video, she is wearing a silver ring on the ring finger of her right hand. However, if you look closely at her face, the atmosphere is a little different from the usual Kumada, and the image seems to be reversed.

In past photos, Kumada’s right eyebrow is slightly raised compared to the left, but in the video, the left eyebrow is also raised, so the image may be reversed. This means that she is wearing a ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

Kumada has officially announced that she has decided to divorce and is currently in talks with her husband about custody and alimony.

“Kumada reported her husband for domestic violence, and he was arrested and prosecuted. On the other hand, her husband testified that he had proof that Ms. Kumada was having an affair, and said that he was furious about it, which led to this commotion.

He even provided a recording to a weekly magazine that suggested that Ms. Kumada was having an affair, and Ms. Kumada has been fatally damaged as a celebrity. She is currently saving her work.

Her most recent notable work was her appearance at the “Kansai Collection” on September 5th. Kumada walked the runway in a gold bikini and showed off her outstanding style.

She hadn’t updated her SNS at all since the report of the affair, but the Kansai Collection was the opportunity for her to resume her activities on her YouTube channel as the “new Yoko Kumada,” wearing a white blouse as if to claim her “innocence. As if to assert her “innocence,” she resumed her activities as the “new Yoko Kumada.

It’s not a bad thing that she is gradually smiling again and resuming her activities, but what is the purpose of showing her “ring finger ring” during the divorce talks? Does she have a new lover, is she getting back together with her ex-husband, or is it just a coincidence?

“In fact, the hashtag on her Instagram post says “#somedayvideo”, which means she may have just uploaded a video from her past as a way to “go back to her red hair days”. I’m not sure. However, the ring is shown in the center of the screen, which is very suggestive. If you look at it from the wrong angle, I think she’s trying to create a buzz.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing. By the way, as of the 27th, the number of views has exceeded 44,000.

Kumada has three children. She has three children of her own, and while it remains to be seen where the custody of her children will go, we wonder what she is thinking about her next move as a mother and a celebrity.

  • Photo Keizo Mori/Afro

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